Tuesday 25 January 2011

Sleeping Naked Saves Marriages !

This cheeky press release landed in my email inbox today and made me smile so I thought I'd share it with you ! I don't think I'll be trying it though - the girls love coming in to our bedroom first thing in the morning so that one might take a bit of explaining !


It might sound like a saucy comment your partner would cheekily make to encourage a bit of action in the bedroom but it has been reported that sleeping naked can indeed improve your health and lower the chances of divorce!

Sleeping in your 'birthday suit' apparently increases your level of comfort; avoiding over heating in restrictive clothing. This results in a deeper, longer sleep as the body relaxes, and in turn, enhances its regeneration rate; enabling the body to store up energy for the forthcoming day.

Feeling revitalized after a good night's sleep will also allow you to cope with all that life throws at you, and be less prone to shortness of temper and arguments with loved ones. It has also been reported that sleeping naked with a partner increases the closeness and heightens the level of intimacy...consequently intensifying the frequency of 'when a man loves a woman'!

January is notoriously known for high divorce rates, however, The Best Bed Linen in the World has sublimely soft and luxurious, crisp white bed linen (found in top five-star hotels around the world) to bring couples together and encourage a little more nakedness at night... Available up to super king size with 400 thread count percale, the gorgeous white bed linen is incredibly soft to the touch due to the quality of the finishing process. With its silky-like texture caressing the skin, you'll never want to have pyjamas come between you and your sheets ever again!

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  1. Not sure it would be much fun in our drafty old house!

  2. I sleep naked, Gerry does not, he can't stand bieng nude while sleeping, I cant wear anything when. Go figure?

  3. I totally agree with this! I'm not so sure it enhances your sleep patterns but it most definately enhances something else!

  4. I agree and I usually do sleep naked in the summer but just can't bring myself to get my bits out in the cold of winter lol :D

    @grannysmither on twitter

  5. me and my hubby sleep naked all year round not sure it affects the rate of divorce tho lol....

  6. We sleep naked too, but in winter I might put something on as I absolutely hate being cold.


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