Friday 14 January 2011

Imperial Leather Foamburst Moisture Plus Foaming Shower Gel

Since beginning this blog, I've reviewed literally hundreds of products and often dozens of products in the same category. I therefore started thinking that it must be getting pretty hard to find a really innovative or dazzlingly different shower gel that would really blow me away. But I've just had a shower with real wow-factor ... or should that be a wower ?!

Anyway, whatever I call it, the reason for my showertime fun and delight was a can of Imperial Leather Foamburst. It's brilliant and totally mindblowing stuff, especially after a long day at work followed by several trips out in the wind and rain that had left me feeling like a tired, bedraggled, drowned rat.

I grabbed the innocent-looking can (which looks a bit like an aerosol-type deodorant, so I had a quick check that this was indeed shower gel !), squirted some out in my hand and sniffed the gorgeous fresh, relaxing scent of the purple transparent gel.

Then the magic happened ! It burst into life and started transforming itself into a luxurious creamy lather just like shaving foam ! I smoothed it over my skin and it felt really creamy, soft and moisturising - absolutely perfect for some pampering me-time and some serious TLC for my skin. As Imperial Leather explain, "Wrap and soothe your skin with this rich blend of softening Jojoba and sumptuous passionflower milk, combined with the rich, creamy, soft lather that your body deserves. Leave your skin nourished and delicately cared for."

There are over 40 washes in every can - unless you're so mystified that you can't stop playing with it and having an extra little squirt every time you have a shower like me ! And they've thought about the details too and used a rust-proof can ! You definitely have to try this one out and add some magic to your shower time !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.99 for 200ml

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  1. im like you dont like the wet feeling or stickness this one sounds like a nice refreshing one thanks

  2. I agree, looks nice too! @maisietoo


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