Sunday 16 January 2011


Well, the Christmas tree has been put down for another year, the stockings have been folded up and put away and the kids still (probably !) haven't got bored of playing with their new Christmas toys yet. As a toy manufacturer, I wouldn't have chosen the post-Christmas lull as the best time to release a new toy, but that's exactly what's happening ! Tomorrow is the day that Spinmaster have chosen to unleash their latest creation, called Zoobles. We were chosen, here at the Madhouse, to give a Zooble a new home before almost anyone else so that we could tell you all about them.

Dubbed "an amazing new girls collectibles toy range", the Zoobles instantly reminded me of Littlest Pet Shop, which  Sophie and Juliette and all their female friends absolutely love, so I'm sure they will be an instant hit. We find the same cute animals with big eyes and appealing faces, the attention to detail, the girlie pinkie-purpley colours and the same proliferation of accessories allowing you to add to your collection and create a bigger and better Zoobles world to play with.

But Zoobles have one big advantage over their Littlest Pet Shop chums - they have a hidden power ! As Spinmaster explain, "Curled up in little balls, Zoobles™ come to life when you place them on their “happitat”.  See them spring up and transform into cute, colourful animal characters to play with!  Press their heads and they’ll blink, wink or even wag their tail!  Each Zooble is unique and comes with its very own happitat where it can curl up to go to sleep, or spring to life on the hot spot.  Some happitats even feature a special thumb-wheel hot spot for added “dance” play." Remind you of something else ? Yes, it's like a girlie version of Bakugan - why should the boys have all the fun ?!

So what did the girls think ? Well, they loved them, obviously ! But as with all collectibles, the biggest part of the fun comes from waiting until all your mates are collecting them too and comparing notes (and Zoobles !) so give them a few weeks and I'm sure they'll be at fever pitch, asking for play sets and extra Zoobles to play with. Spinmaster are definitely on to a winner here - they'll be flying off the shelves ! And don't put your purse away just yet. Spinmaster warn - umm I mean inform ! - us that : "From magical lands and underwater worlds like Petagonia, Seagonia and Azoozia, there will be over 150 Zoobles for little girls to collect". Are you listening Father Christmas ?!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5.99 single, £7.99 Special Edition and Hairdoobles, £9.99 Twobles and Light Up, Blossoming Garden Playset £19.99

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