Thursday 27 January 2011

Lypsyl Sun SPF35

The weather has turned cold again and poor Sophie has got a nasty cold too so, not only are we all suffering from sore, tingly, chapped lips but Sophie has also got a sore red area of skin below her nose from all the constant nose-blowing. I've been offering her different products to try out, from lip balms to nappy creams to skin moisturisers, but nothing has really been to her liking. Some of the lip balms are too sticky and greasy or they stain her face red ! The creams tend to sting and the nappy creams look unsightly. What to do ?

Well, I've finally found a product that is soothing without being greasy and that doesn't sting and the best thing is, it's in a handy tube that she can pop in her pocket to apply as needed. And the winner is ... Lypsyl Sun. Despite the name, the packaging says that it protects against the sun, wind & cold to help keep your lips looking and feeling healthy. And I can add that it also works on sore red noses ! (OK all you biology buffs - what's the medical name for the bit of skin between your top lip and your nose ?! Answers on a postcard ... !)

As it is labelled as a sunblock, I had visions of those highly visible bright green, red and blue stripes that people streak across their faces to avoid getting sunburnt at the beach or on the mountain slopes. However, it's totally colourless and invisible. I love the smell too, which is kind of coconutty but that may be psychological because the colours of the packaging remind me of suncream !

Lypsyl Sun SPF 35 feels just like a regular lipbalm but promises to help prevent sunburn and damage that can be caused by exposure to the sun. Lypsyl say that their moisturisers help to maintain the healthy structure of cells, keeping your lips looking soft and smooth. UV filters also apparently help to prevent sun-induced skin ageing.

I never think of using anti-ageing products on my lips, as I do on the rest of my face, but apparently we shouldn't neglect them.  Lypsyl explain : "With the thin skin of the lips particularly vulnerable to the signs of ageing, extra TLC is a must. The skin on the lips contains virtually no melanin, the body’s natural sunscreen, which means they need year round protection from the sun. Lypsyl Sun with an SPF of 35 cares for lips and leaves them protected, hydrated, soft and looking healthy."

The combination of waterproof formula and sunblock means that I'll definitely be stocking up on a couple for our holiday to Turkey this summer !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.06

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  1. It's a perfect Lip Balm for holiday :)

  2. I'm going to have to look out for this. Our eldest has developed a 'habit' of keep putting his top teeth over his bottom lip - results are that he permanently looks like he's had his lips stuck in the jam pot. We use lypsyl, but he prefers strawberry flavour and it does turn his face red, which, combined with the already red lip doesn't look too great!

    Following you via google - twitter @ossiesheep

  3. This is exatly what Ive been looking for!

  4. I will have to try this i have bad lips at the moment

  5. This sounds like a good lip balm.

  6. It feels really good when customers have genuine reviews of their products put up like this.

    Lip Balm With SPF


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