Wednesday 12 January 2011

ThermaCare Heat Wraps

Generations of women suffering from period paid and stomach cramps could tell you - heat is great for relieving pain. Not only it soothes cramped muscles, it also gives you a general warm, comforting feeling like being wrapped up in a snuggly blanket that is guaranteed to make you feel instantly better. If it's that time of the month and you're feeling the worse for wear, chances are you'll reach for a hot water bottle to hold on your stomach (along with a box of paracetomol and a family-sized bar of chocolate !).

Well, using the same idea, ThermaCare have come up with a much trendier, more hi-tech version of the good old hot water bottle theory ! As they explain : "For a long-lasting effect, ThermaCare HeatWraps use patented heat pods that develop powerful, deep penetrating heat to relax tight muscles and relieve muscular pain." Incredibly, each wrap gives you EIGHT HOURS of heat !

The wraps are designed to help to relieve muscular and joint pain so they are ideal for parents who may have strained their back picking up their child - not to mention overdoing the newly-acquired fitness DVDs that the New Year has brought around ! ThermaCrae well understand the trials of being a parent and know that you can't just take time off from looking after the kids because your back hurts. As they say, " Each wrap delivers consistent heat and can be worn discreetly under clothes whilst on-the-move, so they are a lifesaver for busy parents who don’t want to let back pain get in the way of their day."

I tried a back wrap but there are various types available, including ThermaCare Neck, Shoulder, & Wrist, ThermaCare Hand & Wrist, ThermaCare Knee & Elbow, and ThermaCare Back wraps. The manufacturers do stress that you should take your aches and pains seriously, stating that their wraps are "designed for relief of minor muscular aches and pains associated with overexertion, strains, sprains, muscle tension, and for temporary relief of minor osteoarthritis pain. If your pain type is not mentioned, and you would like to use ThermaCare, you should consult either your doctor or pharmacist to ask their advice about your specific pain and they will be able to give you more information."

 I've tried out the back wraps and they are lovely, delivering intense (but not overly hot - unlike my usual hot water bottle !) heat that does help soothe an aching back but also, in the recent cold spell, delivering a lovely "portable electric blanket" effect for braving the snow and ice when doing the shopping ! One of the things I'm not keen on with other "Deep Heat" type remedies is the smell and the HeatWraps get around that problem nicely while delivering equally good relief.

But don't just take my word for it ! If you're quick (the places fill up fast but come back again a few days later to try your luck again), you can join the Backexperts community site and they will send you a pack of ThermaCare HeatWraps. Let me know if you manage to sign up in time !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5.99 for 2 wraps

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  1. Yep got accepted xx at about this post time/date

  2. Ahh brilliant. Let me know how you get on :-)

  3. Oh, missed it, could really do with some for my training for #thelondonmarathon ;((( @Kahanka

  4. I missed out earlier too :( Will be quicker next time!

  5. i did this but never ever got the wraps?! x

  6. Aww they take a while to arrive but I got mine

  7. My mother was burned badly from using ThermaCare. She went to the E.R. and was almost admitted because it burned 2 holes in her back. She's still not recovered and under treatment. ThermaCare ingredients are nowhere to be found on the package. This is very, very bad business and Pfizer, of all companies should know better. My mother's back is a mess. She was put on Vicodin. That tells you how bad the burns are.

  8. I didn't find mine got very hot. Maybe it was a faulty batch ?? I've alerted ThermaCare about your message so they may well reply. Hope your mum will be OK.

  9. Pfizer Consumer Healthcare2 March 2012 at 17:14

    Dear Anonymous, we would like to discuss your experience in more detail, so we would appreciate it if you could contact ThermaCare in the US on 1-800-323-3383. ThermaCare has been thoroughly tested for safety, and most people will be able to use it without experiencing any discomfort. However, as with any heating product, there is a risk of prolonged skin redness or burns for certain sensitive people or if the product is misused. People aged over 55 years old should wear ThermaCare over a layer of clothing as directed.


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