Wednesday 12 January 2011

Get ready for The Curvy Revolution ! French Website's Plus Size Model Search is almost over

After all the New Year's Resolution-type blogging lately (my own included), it's great to get back to a story involving people being happy in their skin whatever their shape or size. A huge round of applause to the fabulous future model for and you can go along and cheer them on, if you're free and in the right district ! More info in the press release below :


After nearly two months of competition, 15 finalists have finally been selected out of the 160 candidates of the Model Search. In spite of the few technical problems our site experienced due to the many visitors we received, thousands of votes were recorded.

It's not over ! The race continues as fifteen beautiful ladies pick out their favourite jeans and dresses to seduce the judges. Meeting at the Avalon London on 15th Jan. will be our fifteen finalists + a professional panel ready to pick out the final winner and send her off to Las Vegas to take part in The Curvy Revolution ! Amongst the panel are stars of the plus size scene such as Sue Thomason (editor of Beautiful), Lauren Darling (editor of blog Pocket Rocket), Rianne Ward (editor of Evolve magazine) and a member of Hughes modelling agency and Evans team.

The show will take place in two steps. After having their hair and make-up done by beauticians, the finalists must first show the panel that they can look just as good in jeans and a white tee as they do all dressed up. Then, they will be asked to slip on their favourite Evans outfit to show the panel how well it suits them - and the catwalk! The lucky finalists have all received a £100 voucher to take their pick. The ladies will of course spend their afternoon on over 2" heels - a task they will face with a little help from a high heel expert ;-)

It will most certainly be difficult for the judges to take their pick amongst these highly motivated models. They will carefully listen to the candidates introduce themselves and explain why they think they should be sent to model at The Curvy Revolution, Las Vegas . They will of course also take into account how comfortable each candidate is on their heels and walking up and down a catwalk in front of an audience. Whatever it takes, there will be only one final winner !

On this special occasion, our sponsor Evans will be showcasing some beautiful clothes from their latest collection - chocolate for the eyes or maybe even an idea of what to buy with the finalists' Evans vouchers!'s mission is to encourage all initiatives making plus size fashion more visible. This is why the British website has chosen to partner with the American event The Curvy Revolution.

If all this sounds fun, why not come along and watch the fashion show ?! 

According to Thibault Masson, chief editor of, « this model search fits our goal to make plus size fashion more visible. The rise of plus size fashion is truly global, as the Curvy Revolution in Las Vegas and our own plus size model search in the UK show. More than 6 million women in the UK are « plus-size », wearing a size 18. It's only natural for our online magazine to help so many women find fashionable clothing».

After a great event of the sam e nature in France , is hoping to receive a warm welcome in the UK where Plus Size fashion is a raging trend. The event on Saturday January 15th champions plus size women in a week where Lorrraine Kelly also launched her Curvy model search on ITV.


  1. I must make a note to mention this to my wife. She's always putting herself down as to her weight/shape - but she looks great to me and not fat at all (5'10 and about 12.5 stone) - hopefully this will make her less hung up about it.

  2. there are more plus sizes that are short. we need pants that are short and does not cost us more to have them hemed than the pants cost.



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