Sunday 9 January 2011

Ella's Kitchen Organic Nice Rice Just For Me (7 months +)

At 17 months old, Pierre is quite capable of eating normal rice so that he can join in with the family meal (which is what he wants to do all the time now, turning up his nose at anything that doesn't look the same as what is on everybody else's plate !). However, sometimes he can't join in - if we're eating something overly spicy, deep-fried or that he doesn't like. In those cases, or if I've just rushed in late from work and need something quick to feed to him, it's brilliant to have something tasty and nutritious but quick to prepare in the cupboard.

Ella's Kitchen to the rescue (again) ! They sent me some of their "Nice Rice Just For Me" organic toddler rice to review. It comes in really handy boil-in-the-bag  sachets that make it so simple to prepare and even allow you to multitask in the kitchen - yesterday, I popped a bag in the water while boiling some eggs for the girls and actually managed to get everything on the table at the same time within ten minutes !

As Ella's Kitchen explain on their website : "Our yummy 100% organic pasta and rice go lovely and soft when gently cooked to help little big people get to grips with the tricky business of their first solid foods. They’ve been popped into handy, clever little boil-in-the-bag sachets, that Sam our nutritionist has measured out to give just the right amount to be part of a wholesome high chair tea! Easy, peasy high chair tea-sy."

As you can see, each sachet doesn't just contain rice. The ingredients list contains Organic basmati rice 88%, Organic red lentils 9%, Organic dried carrots 2%, Organic dried tomatoes 1%, Other stuff 0%. The interesting orangey bits really catch Pierre's eye at mealtimes and he loves trying to pick them out with his fingers (before popping them into his mouth) !

Pierre loves eating a sachet of rice with a small knob of melted butter, or topped off with a few spoonfuls of sauce/baby food and some grated cheese, for his tea and it's also great as an accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetables.

If you are leaving your child with someone who is not very confident preparing babies' meals, like a grandparent or babysitter (or - dare I say it ? - dad !!), the sachets take all the guesswork out and make it dead easy. You also have the reassurance of knowing your baby is eating top quality, organic rice with no hidden nasties.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.26 for 4 x 25g

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  1. this looks great, i've never seen anything like this before

  2. I wish this had been around when my two were little!

  3. i'm glad i read this as i saw this in boots but wasn't totally sure what it looked like inside. thank you!

  4. I agree - you can't really tell from the box !


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