Saturday 8 October 2011

New Wrigley's Extra Ice Chewing Gum review

Whenever I buy chewing gum, I always buy Wrigley's Extra because I love the sensation of intense minty freshness that it gives which is enough to blast away the remains of whatever garlic-rich dish the school canteen has thrown my way for lunch ! It always seems the next best thing to brushing my teeth and leaves my mouth and teeth feeling clean and smelling fresh. I don't even bother checking the chewing gum part of the confectionery aisle any more - I just reach straight for the blue pack because I know it's the only brand that has an intense flavour that lasts for a long time.

It therefore came as a bit of a surprise when Wrigley's sent me through some of their new products to try out and they ended up being new warieties of Wrigley's Extra, called Wrigley's Extra Ice. Well, as I mentioned above, I love chewing gum for the sensation of clean teeth it provides and these new chewing gums are actually recommended by dentists. Wrigley's explain : "2011 sees the launch of three innovative new products in Wrigley's range of sugarfree chewing gum - Extra Ice® Peppermint, Extra Ice® Spearmint and Extra Ice® White. All three products contain Xylitol, giving dental professionals even more reasons to recommend sugarfree chewing gum to their patients. These products, along with Orbit Complete® which is also included in the oral care range, have the distinction of being accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation. As well as the widely recognised benefits of sugarfree gum on the production of saliva, Xylitol is an ingredient with proven dental benefits including preventing plaque formation, and gives it a unique role in preventive strategies for dental health."

That's obviously going to be the biggest selling point but I actually tried out the three different flavours of gum before doing my research and they got a thumbs-up from both me and Sophie on taste alone. They come in the same pellet form as my regular Extra and deliver the same refreshing blast of minty freshness when you crunch through the slightly crispy coating. The flavour lasts for longer than many other brands I've tried in the past and despite the fact that it contains microgranules, it's not at all gritty, feeling lovely and smooth in your mouth and on your tongue.

I love the Peppermint flavour but Sophie prefers the slightly less intense Spearmint version. The "White" option is also scientifically proven to help remove stains and maintain teeth's natural whiteness.

100g contains 145 calories, it's suitable for vegetarians and sugar-free. Each pack contains ten pellets (but I can't find a weight on the pack for you to calculate the calories in each pellet, I'm afraid).

This summer, Wrigley’s Extra Ice was proud to be a Platinum sponsor of National Smile Month 2011 so for more oral health advice, head over to their website at

star rating : 5/5

RRP : 46p per pack

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  1. It's rare to read a review with a 5/5 rating score!

    I always go for the "white" option.

  2. I don't think one chewing gum would have many calories! :)
    Thanks for the review. I don't like strong gum so I might give the Extra Ice a miss but hubby does.

  3. Yum. My kids are always wanting to try chewing gum. Maybe I will give in if I see these on sale somewhere.

  4. All Wrigley's have aspartame in them which is bad for you everyone knows that


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