Thursday 27 October 2011

Small Potatoes album review

Now, I have to admit, before we were sent their new album for review, the whole "Small Potatoes" phenomenon had totally passed us by here at The Madhouse. It's pretty incredible because the singing spuds seem to have become global celebrities, both on TV (on CBeebies in the UK, ABC in Australia, Disney Junior in the USA and Canal + and Piwi in France) and online, where their hugely popular Facebook page (here) gives you the chance to get your Facebook profile pic turned into a potato in one of their Photatoes sessions !

The press release explains that "the four members of the "Small Potatoes" band are Ruby, the diva, Nate, the artist, Olaf, the caretaker and Chip, a quirky little spud. The band's songs cover every popular musical genre, from Motown to reggae and rock 'n' roll."

While researching all this, I was also playing the album that we had received and I have to admit that the songs are very lively and catchy with appealing sound effects in the background. Sure enough, Pierre was dancing around the room with a big grin on his face !

The album, which is available exclusively from iTunes, features 10 songs from the series : Imagination, You Can Be What You Want To Be, Playtime, Small Potato Rock, Today's The Perfect Day (Haircut), I Just Want To Be Me, Potato Train, A Musical Show, Science and This Is My Family.  They're all very upbeat and contain positive messages for kids - exactly what you would expect from a typical CBeebies song really ! We also loved the cute kiddie voices that reminded us of the little girl in Outnumbered (in the first series) crossed with Charlie and Lola !

A Small Potatoes "Imagination" video is available for free with the purchase of the album or can be bought separately. Just don't blame us when you've got the songs on the brain for the rest of the day !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £5.99

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  1. My youngest Oliver would love this, he loves dancing about, and loves Small Potatoes

  2. my daughter loves the small potatoes, i actually find it quite disturbing for some reason


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