Monday 24 October 2011

Manatomicals men's grooming products review

I am about as low maintenance as they come. I get my hair cut once a year (like sheep, I hack it all off once a year to beat the heat !), rarely blow dry or style it, usually don't have time in the morning to wear makeup or perfume and go clothes-shopping about twice a year. Nevertheless, when I take a shower, I can't do without my array of bottles of lotions and potions - exfoliating scrub, shower creme, shampoo, conditioner, intensive hair mask, ... and that's just the basics ! For Madhouse Daddy Mike, it's the total opposite. He always reminds me of the really old Wash & Go advert : "Shampoo AND conditioner ? Take TWO bottles into the shower ? I just want to wash my hair and go" ! If he can find a multipurpose hair and body wash in one bottle, he's a happy bunny !

I therefore instantly knew that he'd love the Manatomicals 2-in-1 product, especially as it is labelled as an "energy hair/body wash" so is perfect for waking him up in the morning. I always see having a shower or bath as a moment of pampering me-time, as much as a way of getting clean so I love big brash zesty fragrances and creamy textures that will put a smile on my face. The humorous branding, with quirky product names like "Are you looking to get picked up ?" hair/body wash and "No more cuts. A (bathroom) cabinet promise" shave gel (more about that in a moment), therefore get a big thumbs-up from me for cheering me up as soon as I hit the shower.

I sent Madhouse Daddy Mike off to the shower to try out the hair/body wash and he murmured approvingly at the "manly" black square bottle. He loves the design, not just for the aesthetics but also because it doesn't fall over in the shower and the pump dispenser is much easier to use than the usual bottles that dribble everywhere and are a hassle to use when they get near the end. He also loved the minty fragrance which was really refreshing and great for clearing your head in the morning.

We also received the "No more cuts. A (bathroom) cabinet promise" shave gel to try out but, as Madhouse Daddy Mike uses an electric shaver, the testing was handed over to me for when I shaved my legs in the shower. (Aha, another bottle to add to my list of shower essentials !) The packaging still made me smile when I'd got past the name, with little asides like "Do not store above 40°C - fat chance in Britain" !

The gel, which is a clear blue-tinted gel that reminded me of hair gel, promises super-smooth, no-nick fuzz free skin and I have to admit, it did a great job on my legs, leaving them smooth and feeling less irritated than usual. I didn't even feel the need to instantly moisturise my legs when I jumped out of the shower as I usually would after shaving.

Manatomicals is (you've probably guessed) the male-oriented range from Anatomicals and I love their "Are you man enough for Manatomicals?" strapline which should help convince the old school-men that looking after yourself and using nice products isn't just for the girls ! The packaging, marketing and products themselves all get the Madhouse seal of approval.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : Hair/Body Wash £3.50 for 300ml, Shave Gel £4 for 125ml

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