Sunday 30 October 2011

ASDA Play & Learn Baby's Hammer review

Well, as I expected, you've all been really excited about all my previous Asda Play & Learn reviews because they toys are not only fab but also really cheap so they're perfect for Christmas gifts on a tight budget. After the bricks (here and here), phone (here) and doctor's kit (here), this time we tried out the Baby's Hammer.

I'm always a bit worried about giving a hammer of any shape or form to kids because their first instinct is always, quite reasonably, to bash everything in sight, including any heads, dogs or fragile objects that may be in the vicinity ! Luckily, Asda have thought about this and put some firm but squishy sponge on both ends so at least that offers some protection.

Bashing something with the hammer (or just squishing the sponge, for younger babies) produces a gratifying series of fun sounds that will have young children (not to mention their older brothers and sisters) happily bashing away for ages ! Great news for parents is that the batteries are included so there'll be no frantic searching in drawers on Christmas morning !

As I've said on all the other Asda Play & Learn reviews, the toys are solidly made, exciting for kids, educational and above all, total bargains, with the Baby's Hammer costing a ridiculous £3. What's not to like ?!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £3

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  1. i have had some wonderful toys for the kids from Asda over the years, always well recieved and resonably priced


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