Monday 24 October 2011

Eye Candy “Dramatise” False Eyelashes review

Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry and Madonna are just a handful of the A-list stars making a fashionable statement with false eyelashes this season. From natural enhancements to full-on dramatic looks, the big trend on the red carpet and on the catwalk is traffic-stopping lashes.

I was really intrigued to have a play with the Eye Candy false lashes that we received to review. The packaging promises lashes that are light as a feather, comfortable to wear and effortless to apply. Well, as a total novice with false eyelashes, I have to say that's pretty close to the truth. My big apprehension was that I'd glue my eyelids together and I didn't manage to do that so you should be OK too !

The lashes come on a strip, which is much simpler (and less likely to cause injury by poking yourself in the eye !) than fiddling about with individual lashes, especially if you're a beginner (but individual lashes are available too). You just check they're the right length before you start and trim off the end if they're too long. You delicately squeeze some of the enclosed lash adhesive on to the strip then wait for thirty seconds for it to go tacky before looking down or straight into a mirror and sticking them just above your real lashes. Easy peasy, especially as the glue doesn't stick fast immediately so you can move them slightly to get them as close as possible to your real lashes.

They don't look very natural (although the fact that there are lashes of various lengths is more realistic than when they are all one length) but they do look very impressive and the whole point is that you can “dramatise your eyes” so I'd say it's mission accomplished. I was trying the “Dramatise” lashes but they also come in “Naturalise” or “Volumise”.

Removing them is easy too. You just grab one end and gently peel them off. They don't rip all your real lashes out as they come off, which is what I was worried about ! You can use them with or without mascara (but for a really dramatic look, they'd look ultra-funky with one of the sparkly or metallic-look mascaras).

Eye Candy advise to grab them quick as some key lines are so popular, there's now a growing waiting list of over 600 people at Boots and ! I think that says it all really !

Star rating : 4/5

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