Sunday 30 October 2011

Scheckter's Organic Energy review

Last month was London Fashion Week 2011 and I was very chuffed to be sent some of the fashion-fabulous products that were at Erin O'Connor's Model Sanctuary to try out. First up was a can of Scheckter's Organic Energy - a natural, healthy energy drink designed to give you a physical and mental boost.

I must admit, I usually steer clear of energy drinks because I figure that drinking that amount of caffeine in one go can't be good for you, especially as I don't drink tea or coffee so my body probably isn't used to it. I also don't like the horrible synthetic background taste that all the "shots" type of energy drinks that I've ever tried have had.

I was therefore totally surprised when I took my first sip of Scheckter's Organic Energy drink. It's a really pleasant, refreshing, slightly sparkling drink that tastes lovely and natural, reminding me of Shloer or Bottlegreen drinks. It doesn't taste horribly sugary or have that nasty synthetic background taste. I'd drink it for the taste alone, which is not something you can say of most caffeine-packed energy drinks.

As soon as you investigate the ingredients, you can see why it tastes so good. On the website, they explain : "We are dedicated to creating a great tasting energy drink, made with 100% natural, organic and FairTrade ingredients. That means a great tasting energy drink that has no artificial ingredients. In starting our business, our philosophy was and still is quite simple: We think there is an alternative to today's world in which artificial ingredients are used in many products. We asked ourselves - which would we rather consume, products derived from nature or artificial ones manufactured in a lab? Our answer is in the can!"

Those natural ingredients are sparkling water, raw cane sugar, lemon, pomegranate and elderberry juice, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, natural caffeine from raw green coffee beans and guarana - all of which are organic. The ingredients are specially chosen for their properties which offer a physical and mental boost, relieve stress and help with improved mental performance.

I didn't feel a sudden surge of energy but I did feel chilled out, although whether that had anything to do with the drink or not, I couldn't really tell you as I was watching TV at the time ! It was a lovely refreshing, delicious drink though and the natural ingredients are almost certainly better for you than many sodas on the market. 100g contains 45 calories so a 250ml can equates to just over a hundred calories.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £1.45 for a 250ml can

Scheckter's OrganicEnergy™ is available from Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and at health food stores nationwide

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  1. I am a model and hung out at Model sanctuary. Tried this organic energy drink and really enjoyed it. Got me through fashion week. Unfortunatly they were in high demand and ran out too of the drinks too quickly.***** 5 star drink. Elle


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