Monday 10 October 2011

National Personal Safety Day – Monday 10 October 2011

Back in the days when I was a student in Swansea, I still vividly remember one evening when I walked home, as usual taking a shortcut through the park after our 7pm lecture, and arrived home to our shared house to cries of "thank God you're back" ! It turns out that at exactly the same time I was walking through the park in exactly the same 200 yards stretch, a girl had been dragged off the path into a bush and attacked. To this day, I still don't know how I didn't hear or see anything. We always used to know it was potentially dangerous but, lulled into a false sense of security by the fact that it was only a short path through the park and that there was a constant stream of people taking the same shortcut at lecture chuck-out time, we assumed that - armed with our trusty rape alarms provided by the Student Union - we'd be fine. From that day on, I never took the shortcut again, unless we were in a group, even if it meant an extra 15 minute walk and even if it was windy or raining. I therefore read this press release with great interest and wanted to share it with you, in the hope that you'll get equipped but never actually need any of it.


The Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s annual National Personal Safety Day aims to raise awareness of simple, practical measures that everybody can take to avoid violence and aggression and live safer, more confident lives. To mark the event, The Handpicked Collection will donate 15% from sales of its personal safety accessories from Sunday 9 October to Sunday 16 October inclusive.

The Handpicked Collection sells the full range of personal safety accessories created by ila Safety. Small and indisputably powerful, ila Safety’s highly effective accessories are carefully designed with style in mind so that women will keep them in a visible place, making them easily accessible in an emergency situation.

When under threat, women often experience vocal paralysis as fear-induced adrenaline courses through their bodies. Named after the Hindu Goddess of Speech, “ila”, the alarms in the collection are designed to scream on their behalf in order to shock and disorientate an attacker or thief, and to attract attention.

The ila DUSK (RRP £15) is a stylish charm that hangs conveniently from a handbag or backpack and, when activated by simply pulling the chain, emits an ear-piercing 130dB woman’s scream, giving precious seconds to get away.

Most women get their keys out of their bags in advance of approaching the front door or car, so the ila PEBBLE (RRP £9.99) key-ring alarm is literally on hand in case of an attack close to the home or vehicle.  The ila PEBBLE releases a 130dB siren.

For enthusiastic joggers, the ila SPORT (RRP £19.50) is light, stylish and easily fits into the palm of the smallest adult hand. Clipped unobtrusively to clothing, the ila SPORT is easily activated with one hand by pressing a button at the top of the gadget, and it can be disarmed with a small on/off switch to avoid false alarms. Also features a pedometer and calories burned counter.

Whether at home or away, placed against the door inside a room, the innovative ila WEDGE (RRP £14.95) emits a siren when activated, which will scare off a potential attacker or thief, warn the victim that they have an unwanted visitor and alert neighbours

The ila HOOK (RRP £14.50) is a bag hook that attaches to any counter top or table, from which you can hang your bag so you can always keep it close at hand. Also contains a built-in compact mirror.
Please note: this product does not feature an alarm

The ila WORDLOCK (RRP £6.99) locks with letters rather than numbers so you can set it to a memorable word. TSA-approved, so luggage won’t be forced open by airport security in the US.
Please note: this product does not feature an alarm.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust

In 1986 Suzy Lamplugh, a 25 year old estate agent, disappeared after she went to meet an unknown client. So far her body has not been found. She has been presumed murdered and legally declared dead. Her parents, Paul and Diana Lamplugh, believed that Suzy was simply unaware of the possible dangers that individuals can face in society. Paul and Diana founded the Trust to highlight the risks people face and to offer advice, action and support to minimise those risks. The Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s mission is to raise awareness of the importance of personal safety and to provide solutions that effect change in order to help people to avoid violence and aggression and live safer, more confident lives.

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