Wednesday 19 October 2011

Disney’s Spooky Buddies support Dog's Trust Sponsor a Dog & Netmums competition

Having just announced the winner of the Spooky Buddies DVD (well done @cachexia1 !), it seems like the perfect time for sharing these two pieces of news with you.

Firstly, Disney’s Spooky Buddies have teamed up with Dogs Trust to support their Sponsor a Dog scheme. Check out Rosebud, Budderball, B-Dawg, Buddha and Mudbud’s thoughts on the Sponsor a Dog scheme here:

For all Buddies fans, please also be aware that Netmums are currently giving you the chance to put your questions to the Buddies to celebrate the release of new adventure Spooky Buddies. Ten winners will have their questions answered by the Buddies! Closing date is the 31st October so get in quick.

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1 comment:

  1. Great another chance to win. Thanks for the link.


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