Monday 31 October 2011

Winter Advice Videos : Safety and Money-saving tips

With the clocks going back this weekend, it seemed the perfect time to share a couple of winter-themed videos with you. I hope you'll find them useful and interesting.

The first features personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles giving winter money saving tips. As the temperature drops, the cost of living can often rise. This is particularly the case for parents, who have to cater for more mouths and dress more bodies!

Personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles has come up with a series of tips for mums and dads that will help them cut costs this winter. They include tips about heating, clothes, food, socialising and holidays.

The advice comes as a recent survey carried out by Clarks Kids asked mums from all over the country about their spending habits and found that many aren’t making the best choices to get the value for money they truly deserve.

The second features tips on how to make sure your boiler & heating system is ready for action.

The old adage ‘out of sight out of mind’ is often used when it comes to boilers, but giving your heating system a health check sooner rather than later can go a long way to making sure you don’t feel the cold this winter.

Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, Bosch Group, suggests the following points to help keep you cosy this winter:

Check your servicing is up to date

Even if your boiler is not that old, it is important it has an annual inspection from a qualified engineer to make sure it is running at its most efficient. In a recent survey by Worcester, only 50% of those asked got their heating system serviced at the recommended yearly intervals – 20% admitted they never had their boiler serviced. A regular check-up will keep your boiler running for longer, help prevent any costly repairs and ensure you are using fuel wisely, so maintaining your heating system has never been a sounder investment.

A recent Which? Report suggests that a good service should include the following checks:

A thorough visual inspection

Checking the operating pressure, heat input or if necessary both – these test require a gauge

Checking the ventilation as well as the effectiveness of the flue

Ensuring the boiler is safe, for instance by checking safety devices

The engineer should also see whether the boiler needs cleaning to ensure it works efficiently.

Bring in the professionals

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