Monday 31 October 2011

Cadbury's Fabulous Fingers review

Cadbury Fingers have been a firm family favourite for generations but the brand have just released what they are calling its grown up, indulgent and ‘fabulous’ sibling, new Cadbury Fabulous Fingers. We were all very pleased to receive a couple of boxes to review here at the Madhouse.  

Cadbury's promise "a new and unexpected experience, revealed only in the bite" and they do indeed look the same as normal Cadbury Fingers in the box. Once you bite into them though, the chocolate secret is revealed - underneath the velvety milk chocolate, there is a hidden layer of white chocolate covering a crunchy chocolate biscuit finger. The flavours combine really nicely and went down well with everyone who tried them - the three mini Madhouse testers, Madhouse Mum (that's me !) and Madhouse Daddy Mike, and also the visiting Madhouse Grandparents - so that's a huge thumbs up from three generations of testers, who made short work of them !

Going, going ...

Gone ! That's the ultimate, perfect chocolate moustache !

I was lovely and shared them with everyone, but these are supposed to be the extra indulgent version specially made for grown-ups. We have only one slight quibble - despite being the same size box as the original Fingers, the box only contains 16 fingers which we're sure is less than for the normal Fingers.

Great news though is that, despite being absolutely delicious, chocolatey and indulgent, a 2-finger serving only contains 70 calories which is extremely reasonable. In fact, that's less than some of the biscuits produced by leading weightloss brands ! At just 35 calories per biscuit, you can reach for the biscuit barrel with a guilt-free conscience - as long as you manage to stop at one, and that's easier said than done, once you've tasted how delicious they are !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.99 (but look out for special introductory price offers)

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  1. Yummy! Tried these on Saturday night and ate them in a matter of minutes - my only criticism = there's not enough of them !!! :) :)


  2. LOL That's exactly what we said !!

  3. these sounds yummy! will be looking out for them to stash away for christmas, though by the sounds of it they wont last that long

  4. These sound so nice. I'll have to get some next time I'm in Tesco.

  5. love cadburys fingers - once i open a box of them i end up eating the lot though so not good for my waistline!

  6. great big box full of nothing could easily fit them in a box half the size


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