Tuesday 11 October 2011

Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner review

As I've told you before, I'm a Bzz Agent which means that every now and then, I receive free products in return for my honest opinions and for helping to spread the word about them. (If you still haven't joined up, you can do so here.) The latest product to come through my letterbox was the rather longwindedly-named Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner. Phew, try asking for that in the supermarket if you can't see it on the shelf !

Dove actually sent me the matching shampoo and conditioner from the Dove Hair Therapy range, along with the Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner. The packaging isn't particularly eyecatching and I think I would have easily bypassed it on the supermarket shelves, in favour for something with bolder, more vivacious colours or a catchier name. The products are equally bland, just plain white with a pleasant enough but totally uninspiring smell. Nothing particularly memorable or innovative so far, so I took them up to the bathroom for future use. 

Well, last week, I arrived at the bus stop to discover that, following an attack on one of the bus drivers the day before, they'd called a one day strike with no warning. This meant that I had two 50 minute walks in the wind and rain to get to and from work. Even after brushing it, this is the state of extreme frizzitude that my hair was in at the end of the day. Hmmm it might be a good look for a Halloween witch but not for me, thanks !

I thought this would be the ultimate test for the Dove (... you know the rest, I'm not typing all that again !) so I asked Sophie to take a close up photo of the back of my head before and after my shower, trying to get the same angle and camera settings to give it a fair test.


I waltzed off to the shower and grabbed the Dove products. I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to shampoo and condition my hair before using the intensive treatment (as they'd sent all three products) or just use the intensive treatment straight after shampooing, so I read the instructions. Wow, you only need to leave it on your hair for 1 minute for it to work which is amazingly quick. Can it really have time to deeply penetrate your hair that quickly ? Well, time will tell !

Well, when I compared the before and after shots, I have to say that even I was shocked at the difference. My hair looks so much smoother and glossier and I love the way the different browns show up in my hair, compared to the first picture. I would assume that the product smoothes down the hair shaft, so that light refracts differently, making it look much sleeker. My hair looks as if I've just stepped out of a salon after being blowdried for ages and straightened to within an inch of its life, whereas I actually let it dry naturally while I got the kids' tea ready ! Unbelievable - and if this was an advert and not my own blog, I probably wouldn't have believed it was real, assuming they'd used different lighting or airbrushing or something !

Having done the hands on testing, I scuttled off to read the Bzz Guide, full of insider info about the product, to discover what makes it work so well. Their presentation of the product is as follows : "Whether you're an A-lister or a real woman working 9 to 5, we all want gorgeous, glossy hair. That's why a good hair care regime is so important. The good news is that Dove Hair Therapy gives your hair some TLC. The Intensive Repair range offers a damage care solution for all hair types— one that protects hair and leaves it stronger, more manageable and visibly healthier. With the Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner, you'll enjoy all the benefits of a treatment but in the same amount of time as an every day conditioner. The conditioner penetrates deep into hair to reconstruct it from within, strengthening and nourishing hair from root to tip. Leaving you with lustrous trouble free locks, allowing you to style your hair guilt-free, knowing your hair is protected and red carpet ready!" Well, I just pulled a brush through mine, no styling necessary.

The Express Treatment contains patented Fibre Actives to internally reconstruct hair and prevent split ends and breakage and, while I have no idea what this actually means, I can vouch for the fact that it obviously works ! It promises to give hair the deep nourishment of a treatment in the time it takes to condition and revitalise hair after just one use and I think the photos speak for themselves there.

As the treatment works as well as some of the really expensive, top salon hair brands I've been lucky enough to receive for review, I was expecting the price tag to be a bit hefty but I was amazed to see that it's actually a very reasonable £3.29. For that price, I'll definitely be continuing to buy it and it actually makes you wonder why the products you buy directly from the hairdresser's cost so much. The packaging may be bland but the results are highly impressive so it's definitely top marks from me.

star rating : 5/5

RRP :  £3.29 for 180ml

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