Monday 31 October 2011

ProCook storage containers review

I've featured a number of ProCook kitchen products here on my blog and I'm always impressed because they seem to find the perfect balance between funkiness and functionality. When they sent me through one of their new range of storage containers to review, I was pleased to see that this was again the case.

ProCook are marketing these as containers with a contemporary design, but I actually find them quite retro. The zigzag pattern on the one we received reminds me of a black and white herringbone patterned coat that my mum had when I was a kid ! They're very funky though and mine has pride of place on the worktop, filled with "apple tea" drink mix that we brought back from our holiday to Turkey and that had been sitting in a rather unfetching empty ice cream tub ever since !

The wooden lids have a very snug, airtight fit and the porcelain containers seem quite solid (although they obviously wouldn't resist being smashed to the floor !). The grey and green colour scheme is very muted and would fit in with your kitchen colour scheme, whatever it is. Measuring 110mm x 110mm, they're the perfect size for any dry goods, such as pasta, rice, flour, tes bags, coffee, etc.

There are eight funky designs and as each container only costs £6, you could splash out and get one of each for a totally funky, not to mention well-organised, kitchen !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £6

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