Wednesday 19 October 2011

Ecover is giving away two iPads every two weeks until December

And if that title hasn't grabbed your attention enough already, the big winner will get their hands on a fab holiday too. Read on for more information :


Ecover has given its packaging a little lift, and to celebrate, is giving you the chance to feel uplifted too!

Ecover’s snazzy packaging make-over is set to hit shelves this autumn and to celebrate, Ecover will be giving you the chance to win two iPads every two weeks and a fantastic holiday with Canopy & Stars – all you have to do is show the ‘Ecover effect’ in action.

The ‘Ecover effect’ is that great feeling you get when cleaning or washing with the range of eco-friendly products. Not only do they make you feel good with the great results they achieve but also by knowing that whenever you wash, wipe, scour or scrub you’re using products that are kind to you, your family and the world around you too. Ecover’s packaging is also now made from Plant-astic - a renewable, reusable and recyclable plastic made from sugarcane which makes Ecover the first cleaning brand in the UK to use it!

Whether you're wiping dishes at a sink in Paisley or washing socks on a hillside in Peru, the uplifting effects of Ecover can strike at any time. You might be hanging out clean washing or watching your kids turn washing-up liquid bottles into water squirters, all you need to do is capture the Ecover effect in a photograph and it could bag you a wonderful prize.

Ecover will be giving away two prizes to two lucky winners every two weeks until the end of December, when they'll announce one overall grand-prize winner. Each fortnight, one winner will be judged by the public and one winner will be judged by their panel. Vote for your favourites by scrolling over a photo and clicking on the ‘like’ button at the bottom.

You can vote for as many entries as you like, but you can only vote for each entry once.

Entering the competition is easy, all you have to do is:

1. Register with Ecover’s online magazine at  

2. Submit an entry via email from phone or PC, you can send it directly to

3. All entries can be viewed and voted for on a photowall on  and can be shared via Facebook. Better yet, get them to vote for you and boost your chances of winning! 

Emma Bennets, brand manager at Ecover said: “You might be using Ecover Delicate to hand-wash by the Taj Mahal, scrubbing with Floor Soap whilst using the mop as a microphone, or smelling the natural, delicate scent of fabric conditioner in a freshly made bed. We know that the ‘Ecover effect’ can happen at any time and want our entrants to be creative as you like. It can be exciting, unusual, hilarious, surreal... as long as it features Ecover.

“You could even get the kids involved. Construct a world from washing powder boxes, turn a toilet cleaner bottle into a trumpet, or take your favourite Ecover product to a far-flung location and capture the moment. However or wherever you feel the uplifting effect of Ecover, we want you to share it with the rest of us. So the next time you experience it, take a photo - including the Ecover product that inspired you - and send it to us!”

For more information about the competition, the new packaging and the full product range, please go to  or  or search for Ecover UK on Facebook.
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