Tuesday 25 October 2011

My Carry Potty Story Book & Reward Chart review

Several months ago, we reviewed a My Carry Potty here at The Madhouse. If you haven't seen that review, you have to go and have a look (here), if nothing else just for the hilarious picture of Pierre sitting on the potty looking like a cross between a fairy princess and Victor Meldrew ! Well, despite Pierre managing to do a wee, that was it as far as the potty-training went. He refused point blank to sit on the potty again and preferred using it for putting his toys in !

Well, recently, he's been getting interested in the potty as a potty again so we're going for a serious attempt at potty training this time. He now prefers reading books to dressing up to pass the time, so it's been the perfect time to show him the My Carry Potty story book that we were also sent to review.

It's a lovely book to read together that tells the fun story of George & Hollie and their Magic Carry Potties. As well as introducing the idea of potty training and making it into a game, Pierre also loved spotting "his" potty in the book and pointing it out.

But the even better part is the enclosed rewards chart and sticker sheet. Yesterday, Pierre managed to do two drops of wee in his potty (and about twice as much on his foot) and he immediately pointed to his book and asked for a sticker ! He's totally understood how it all works and is happy to sit on his potty every day, even if for the moment it's more playing and reading than actually filling the potty. We'll get there eventually !

To celebrate the launch of "George & Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties", the first 100 buyers of My Carry Potty at The Baby Show, Earls Court 28th - 30th October (stand number C42) will receive a free copy of the book.

star rating: 4.5/5

RRP : £6.99

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  1. I will get this for my son Oliver who is 20 months, he is starting to ask to do a wee, but justs sits on the potty and says "pssssss", my eldest James did exactly the same!

  2. magic carry potty are great x


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