Saturday 29 October 2011

New free Boots Opticians app encourages improved eye health awareness

Boots Opticians is encouraging people to be more aware of their vision and eye health by becoming the first high street opticians to launch an eye care app. The Eye Check by Boots Opticians app has been developed because research reveals around one million children have an undiagnosed visual problem and 65% of the one in three people who fail a basic eye chart test are drivers.

Available to download for free, the app is not designed to replace comprehensive professional eye examinations by an optometrist, but is intended to offer people a simple and accessible way to better understand the significance of looking after their vision and eye health. Ultimately, the app aims to highlight the importance to users of having regular check-ups with a qualified optometrist.

The app takes users through four individual easy-to-use eye checks to help determine visual acuity (clearness of vision), astigmatism (a cause of blurred vision), duochrome (to assess focus) and a colour check. At each step the app explains what the check is looking for and gives users a pass or fail score as well as a percentage rating for both the left and right eye. Users are then given recommendations based on their results.

The app also includes eye health advice and a Boots Opticians finder to allow users to easily locate their nearest Boots Opticians where a full professional examination can be given by a qualified optometrist.

Stephen Remington, Chief Executive of Action for Blind People, says: “Many people lose their sight because early signs of eye disease go undetected. To become blind or partially sighted because you couldn’t find time to get your eyes tested is a terrible waste. If the new eye check app from Boots Opticians helps encourage people to be more aware of their eye health, this will be a very positive step towards highlighting the importance of regular check-ups.”

Carolyn Norman, Boots Optometrist, says “We know that one in three people have not had an eye test for at least two years. The new app is not a replacement for visiting your opticians, but instead has been designed as a convenient tool to empower people to take a more informed and proactive approach to their vision and eye health so that they understand the importance of having a professional eye examination.”

Eye Check by Boots Opticians, is available to download now for iPhone.

Please note : Boots Opticians knows it's important to look after our health and to have a full eye test at least every 2 years. Eye tests aren’t just about checking if you need glasses, but can also detect other health problems. Boots developed this app to encourage everyone to have a full eye test at one of our 650 Boots Opticians practices nationwide. It is a fun way to check your vision through a series of simple tests, but it does not replace a professional eye examination.

An annual sight test conducted by an optometrist is recommended for children up to the age of 16 and those over 60, and at least every two years for all other adults. Regular eye exams by an optometrist help make sure eyes are healthy and may also identify early signs of systematic health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure

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