Tuesday 18 October 2011

Getting Green-Fingered Thanks To Gardening Express !

A while ago, I saw a tweet go by from @GardeningExpres - yes, there's just one -s, I assume they ran out of letters ! - looking for bloggers to write a review for them, so it was rather exciting when a box of goodies arrived from them last week. I thought to myself, "well it can't be plants if they're in a box" but it was indeed ! Their packaging is designed to keep everything fresh and protected while it's in transit and waiting to be planted and, even if the box doesn't look particularly solid, everything did arrive in great condition. 

Here are the lovely plants we received awaiting their definitive new homes. And below you will find the information provided with the plants, as well as links through to the Gardening Express website where you can find out even more about them.

Half Hardy Perennial Salvia Patens "Patio Deep Blue" : This first class variety boasts a compact habit and lots of attractive hooded deep blue flowers. Height/spread 30 x 25cm. Flowering : August - September. Ideal for pots on the patio, in border fringes or raised beds. Prefers full sun, with free-draining soil or compost. Can survive winter in very well-protected situations, especially if sheltered from hard frosts.

Skimmia Japonica Magic Marlot : The unique combination of colourful leaves, compact growth buds that change colour from white to red/pink (September - March) and its abundant flowering in April make this "magic marlot" an attractive addition to your garden patio or balcony. Add plenty of potting soil/garden peat to the soil. Height/spread : 50 x 50cm. Sun/partial shade.

Half-hardy perennial Gaura Lindheimeri "My Melody" : A semi-compact variety with lovely golden yellow variegations on the leaves. Wispy white "butterfly" flowers emerge in spring through the summer months (June - October). Height/spread 50 x 30cm. Prefers full sun or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost. Can survive winter in very well-protected situations, especially if sheltered from hard frosts.

Conservatory plant/House plant. Dipladenia Sanderi "Rosea" : Dipladenia is grown for its large petunia-like flowers which appear during the summer months on the twining stems. It can be grown as a climber reaching 10 feet or more or it can be pruned back severely once flowering is finished in order to maintain it as a bush. The pink blossoms will appear on plants while they are still small and the glossy leaves make it an attractive climber all year round. It needs high air humidity and warm surroundings especially in spring. Temp not less than 55° in winter. Bright light or semi-shade not direct sun. Also called Pink Allamanda (Mandevilla Splendens).

Here they are once they've been planted in the garden. They add a lovely contrast in colour to the gaudy nasturtiums.

And the front porch got a makeover too. The flowers are really pretty and even the postman commented on them !

For more information, planting guides, videos and the full online catalogue, head over to http://www.gardeningexpress.co.uk/.

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