Tuesday 25 October 2011

Godminster organic cheddar Triple Crown gift box

Earlier in the year, we reviewed (here) the gorgeous red wax-covered heart-shaped Godminster cheese (which my mum thought was a candle !) and delicious rich fruit cake that was put together as a lovely foodie Valentine's Day gift. Well, they've done it again and gone one better, adding two bottles of Badger's Poacher's Choice too. As they say, it's more exciting than a pair of socks, if you're looking for Christmas gift inspiration ! Read on for more information :


The Triple Crown - Far More Exciting Than Socks!

Launched by Godminster, The Triple Crown is a new gift box designed for those who have something a little sweet, a little savoury and perhaps a bit fruity in mind!

The Triple Crown brings together the award-winning 400gm Godminster organic cheddar with a Simply Delicious fruit cake and two bottles of Badger's Poacher's Choice. The delicious combination of cheese, beer and fruit cake makes it the ideal addition to picnics in the grandstands or even on the riverbank, creating a gift box perfect for those who would love to give or receive something just that little bit different. It also offers the solution to the perennial present dilemma - after all, it is far more exciting than socks!

Godminster has been making delicious, award-winning Vintage Organic Cheddar on its farm in Bruton, Somerset, for the past ten years. The Cheddar is made from a unique 70 year old recipe and is instantly recognisable by its distinctive purple wax coating and beautiful heart and round shapes.

Joining the cheese is Badger's Poacher's Choice (5.7% ABV) which is a dark, rich, ruby ale enhanced by a touch of liquorice for spicy sweetness and damson for a soft, subtly fruity taste, making it a perfect accompaniment for game, desserts and mature cheese and the New Discovery Fruit Cake from The Simply Delicious Fruit Cake Company, which is made to a secret traditional recipe using only the finest ingredients including apricots, stem ginger and brandy. Each Fruit Cake is packed with vine fruits and uses free-range eggs, butter and of course a tot of brandy. The Cakes are made in small batches and after being freshly baked each fruit cake is hand-decorated with apricots and stem ginger. The cake recently won a gold award for best fruit cake at the Ludlow Food Festival.

The Godminster Triple Crown retails at £34.95 including postage and packing and can be bought direct from Godminster at http://www.organic-cheese.co.uk/

Godminster Vintage's mantra is a simple one - nature repays those who treat her kindly - from the rolling fertile pasture and grazing herd of Friesian dairy cows to the organic soil and rambling orchards, Mother Nature is at the core of Godminster Farm. By looking after her the unsurpassable organic raw ingredients are readily available to create a delicious range of high quality organic foods - all incredibly familiar, yet twisted tastefully into the unique.

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