Monday 10 October 2011

Bob The Builder - The Big Dino Dig DVD review

As the official blurb says, "Bob the Builder and his Can-Do Crew are back and ready to get the job done in the all-new CG-animated feature length special ‘Bob the Builder: The Big Dino Dig’, available from 19 September 2011 with a RRP of £12.99. In this exciting never before seen 60 minute feature length special, we catch up with Bob and the team as they build Fixham Harbour’s very first fun park. Everything is going to plan until Lofty the Crane unearths dinosaur bones on site! The other machines can hardly contain their excitement and are eager to get mucky and join the digging adventure. With everything from dinosaurs to giant roller coasters and exciting rides, follow Bob the Builder and his team as they make discoveries of gigantic proportions! "

Well, we all sat down and watched it together over the weekend, as the weather was too yucky to go out much, and all three kids sat through the whole thing glued to the screen ! I wasn't sure if 60 minutes viewing time was a bit too long, given the age of the target audience, but it didn't pose a problem here at The Madhouse.

It's a great film for getting kids interested in dinosaurs as it shows several of the most well-known dinosaurs and gives their names and some very general information about them, which 10-year-old Sophie was impressed with. The story itself gives some nice messages to young viewers, such as not always having to know better than everyone else, working together and not feeling left out of a gang.

Bob actually takes a bit of a back seat, with the machines taking centre stage. We also meet a new character, super-sized dumper truck Rubble.

As a bonus, you get 6 downloadable activity sheets created by the Bob The Builder magazine, to help your little ones practise writing, measuring, making, tracing, counting and rhyming. You also get a free Bob mini mag packed with activities and news of a competition with over 100 prizes to be won (which you can enter by signing up for the newsletter at before the end of October).

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £12.99

running time : 60 minutes

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  1. My son LOVES Bob the Builder. Sometimes he sings the song randomly - and I then end up having the song glued in my mind all day long.... could be handy when having big management meetings, so I can pop the "YES WE CAN!!


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