Saturday 29 October 2011

Yes! I'm Pregnant, now give me your seat...please badges

How many times have you spotted a woman who you would bet anything is pregnant during your commute, offered her your seat only to be told crossly that she is not pregnant? Embarrassing for you both and (even worse) has left you feeling scarred for life, so now you won't offer your seat again!

The sad part about it is that pregnant women need a seat. Forget the obvious dangers like falling when a bus does a hard stop, but increased hormones during pregnancy dies mean that mums-to-be are more susceptible to trips and falls, so it really doesn't take much for an accident to occur.

Then there is the nausea and dizziness that comes with tiredness and different fragrances during the commute, feeling too hot and getting dizzy again, not to mention swollen ankles, back pain, hip displacements (more imbalances)...

No - pregnancy isn't an illness, but there is a level of fragility that comes with carrying a baby bump for nine months, and so  has made it so commuting can be a little easier (and humorous) for commuters when they see a mum-to-be wearing one of 30-plus badge designs.

Cheeky and fun with slogans like 'Sprog about to drop', 'Bun in the oven' and more, they are designed to demystify and create banter, and... hopefully, get pregnant women sitting down on the tube, train, bus and tram - away from elbowing, shoving and pushing commuters.

Created by mum-of-two Joycellyn Akuffo, founder and editor of  who commuted and stood during both her pregnancies, the 58mm badges only cost £1.50 and are an essential addition to every mum-to-be's travel!

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  1. Great idea. I made that mistake with a friend! I should have known better, it was highly embarrassing!

  2. LOL Maybe they should do one saying"No, 'm not pregnant, I'm fat" too !!

  3. Probably a good idea for some ladies, but I don't think I would have been wearing one when I was expecting. I don't think men who do not offer seats to pregnant women would be swayed by a badge. If they don't care, they don't care, whether you have a badge or not

  4. Having been forced to stand for over an hour there and back on a train journey for a night out when I was 7.5 months pregnant I'm not sure these badges will work. I was wearing a dress which clearly showed a bump and not fat all over and my friends were very vocally saying 'someone should stand up for you, as you're pregnant' and still no-one did. I ached for a few days after, it was really unpleasant. The badges will only work if other people sitting down are willing to give up their seats.

  5. I've got a Transport for London 'Baby on board' badge (you can ask for one for free at tube stations) but to be honest most people are so engrossed in their papers or phones they don't notice a pregnant woman, let alone a badge. It's a good idea though, I'm sure many people can't tell the difference between a bump and being overweight!

    1. The free badges sound like a great idea, I didn't know about them ! :)

  6. I might get one of these for my next pregnancy, I don't use public transport much but only because I walk, I might change my mind once I'm pregnant!


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