Wednesday 26 October 2011

Thanks for voting for my "eccentric" pink cake ! I won !!

I received this lovely box of goodies today from Regent's Park, so thanks very much to everyone who voted here. Getting British food parcels in France is always a cause for celebration here at The Madhouse !

It contained :
- a box of breakfast tea bags
- a packet of bagels
- a packet of scones
- a bag of boosting organic coffee biscuits
- a sachet of chocolate covered pumpkin seeds
- a sachet of energy fruit (cranberries and raisins)

Yum - all sounds much healthier and nicer than the fluorescent pink cake !! (But shhh don't tell the girls !!)

for more information about this crazy French company ! :

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1 comment:

  1. It deserved to win, it was by far the most imaginative! Well done.


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