Wednesday 19 October 2011

ASDA Play & Learn Doctor's Set review

I've been busy recently reviewing some of the ASDA Play & Learn toy range that will be great news for anyone trying to play Santa on a tight budget this year. After roadtesting their Baby's Phone (here), 50 piece wooden blocks playset (here) and A to Z wooden blocks (here), next up was the Doctor's Set.

Kids always love playing doctors and nurses (and not in the rude way either so stop sniggering !), starting off on their dolls and teddies but invariably coming over to ask if they can poke you with pretend injections and give you make-believe medicine. I've lost count of the number of doctor's kits that have passed through The Madhouse but they never seem to last long, being made of flimsy plastic and cardboard odds and ends in a floppy vinyl case that rips apart within a few months. I was keen to see how the ASDA one would compare, especially given the bargain basement price.

Well, the first thing that got a thumbs-up was the size. It's bigger than any of the other kits we've had in the past. Secondly, it's made from rigid plastic which will be much better at protecting the contents. The transparent lid makes it easier to find things and the plastic trays on the inside keep everything in their place and should help avoid bits getting mislaid - although I predict the trays will get squished and split eventually.

The box contains everything I would think of when listing the inventory of a kids' doctor's set, plus a few extra - there's the usual stethoscope, scissors, syringe and thermometer, plus a bottle of medicine, scalpel, doctor's ID card (for Dr Feelgood !), tongs and a pink bracelet-type thing which I think is supposed to be a bandage. I'm very impressed with the syringe which is spring-loaded and makes a satisfying creak when used.

All of the items in the kit seem quite robust and hardwearing, not made of the horrible cheap moulded plastic that splits apart as soon as it's been squashed. The plastic clasps for opening and closing the box also seem very solid.

I keep trying to find fault with these toys, thinking that for such a low price, they must have cut corners somewhere but I honestly can't find any flaws. Despite the low price, each purchase also gives a donation to the Tommy's children's charity.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £6

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  1. Looking for a doctors set.Lovely that it also includes donation to a charity. Thanks for the review.

  2. Grace has a 'nurses' set, but at this price, another one looks like a great buy. Also this one comes in a case which is a bonus. Thanks for the review. This will be on the Christmas stocking list.

  3. both my kids would like this - my daughter wants a nurse set for xmas too!

  4. Always glad to help you sniff out a bargain :) Hope your littlies love it as much as mine !


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