Monday 17 October 2011

ASDA Play & Learn Baby's Phone review

Well, as I expected, you've all been very impressed reading my reviews of the lovely but low-priced toy range from Asda, so I'm back with some more goodies to show you. After trying out their 50 Piece Wooden Blocks Playset (here) and A to Z Wooden Blocks (here), this time we gave their Baby's Phone a roadtest.

Once it's out of the packaging, you'd never recognise it as an Asda own-brand toy as it looks just as good, not to mention solid, as its big-named rivals. It has a little square mirror that baby will love using to look at himself but it's also a magic mirror, turning into a picture of a sheep when you push the buttons.

There are four buttons numbered one to four and a green "call" button. My one gripe is that the four numbered buttons all do the same series of rings, engaged tones and beeps when you push them and have nothing that relates to their number, so baby won't recognise the number with the number of rings, which would have been good. The "call" button plays a selection of three nursery rhymes, namely London Bridge is Falling Down, Mary Had A Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The suggested age range is 6-12 months but Pierre, who is 2, has been enjoying playing with it too. I love the fact that, even given the low low price, it comes with the required battery so there's no faffing around trying to find one in the back of the drawer to get it to work.

Yet again, it's a great toy for the price and will be perfect as a stocking filler this Christmas.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £3

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  1. Sorry to bring back an old post but I bought a I bought the ASDA baby's phone for my son & one for my sister for xmas and my son licked the mirror screen (as babies do!) but the paint actually came off the mirror! I don't know if they all have this problem but I am just trying to spread the word to make people aware of this problem. I would appreciate if you would pass this info on as it scares me to think that people are letting their children play with these potentially dangerous toys! The product has not been re-called to my knowlege, but it looks as though it is no longer available online. Thanks for reading x

  2. Oh no ! Pierre hasn't licked the screen at all so I don't know if mine would have done that or not. I'll pass on your comment to ASDA though and I'll let you know what they say. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I received one of these for christmas to and the mirror paint has come off. It does not seem to be on sale any more but it seems to be more than an isolated problem.

  4. I did get in touch with Asda who were contacting head office. I'll give them another nudge.


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