Friday 28 October 2011

Cathedral City Chedds review

Here at the Madhouse, all three of the kids love cheese, whether that be a chunk chopped off the ubiquitous block of cheddar inevitably hiding in the fridge, some of Daddy's stinky French cheeses or the kid-friendly options such as Cheestrings and Dairylea traingles. I therefore instantly knew that we were on to a winner when given the opportunity to review, Chedds, a new range of children's cheese snacks from Cathedral City.

The new range comprises three different products : Nibbles (6 x 18g mini bags of tiny cubes of cheese), Bricks (8 individually wrapped 18g bricks in each bag) and Cheese & Toasties (3 x snack sachets with 6 mini slices of Cheddar and 6 melba toast). All three mini-testers loved all three products but their favourite by far was the Cheese & Toasties, because it was different and more exciting than the usual way they eat cheese. The Nibbles were perfect for 2 year old Pierre and would be a great way to introduce cheese to very young children. The bricks were the least exciting format because it was just like chopping a chunk off a big block.


All three snacks are a relatively healthy option, ideal for lunchboxes or snacks on the go, because they are made from 100% real cheddar and are therefore a good source of calcium. The manufacturers explain : "With all the smooth, mild flavour of Cathedral City, Chedds is tasty and nutritious and the perfect snack for growing children. Made from 100% real Cheddar, Chedds is a great source of calcium with each mini pack containing at least 24% of the RNI for children aged 7-10 years."

The multipack bags are great for planning ahead for school lunchboxes and the kids love the little bags featuring the cheeky Chedds mouse and fun facts and jokes. The packaging was a bit difficult to get into for Juliette though, bearing in mind that she'd be left to fend for herself at lunch and may not manage to open the pack.

On the subject of lunchboxes, Cathedral City have come up with a week's worth of inspiration for healthy kids' lunchboxes, which you can see below.

Healthy Packed Lunch Boxes


* Tuna and sweetcorn sandwich (2 slices of wholemeal bread filled with 45g tuna in water, 2tbsp sweetcorn in water and 2tsp light mayo)
* 1 carrot peeled and cut into sticks
* 1 Chedds Bricks
* 1 pear
* 1 pot low-fat fruit yogurt (125g)
* Bottle of water


* Couscous, red pepper and chick pea salad (180g cooked couscous, ½ diced red pepper, 2tbsp chick peas, 2tsp toasted pine nuts, lemon juice and coriander)
* 1 Chedds Nibbles
* 1 slice canteloupe melon cut into chunks
* 1tbsp raisins
* Bottle of water


* Hummus and carrot wrap (1 wrap filled with 3tbsp hummus and 1 grated carrot)
* 1 hard-boiled egg
* 1 Chedds Cheese & Toasties
* 5 strawberries
* 1 satsuma
* Bottle of water


* Egg and tomato pitta (1 pitta filled with 1 hard-boiled egg mashed with 2tsp light mayo, and 1 sliced tomato)
* 1 Chedds Nibble
* Strawberry, grape and melon salad (40g each)
* 1 pot low-fat fruit yogurt (125g)
* Bottle of water


* Chicken, pasta, pea and pesto salad (150g cooked wholewheat pasta with 50g shredded roast chicken breast, 1tbsp peas and 1tbsp pesto)
* 5 cherry tomatoes
* 1 Chedds Bricks
* Small bunch of seedless grapes (10 grapes)
* 1 pot low-fat fruit yogurt (125g)
* Bottle of water

star rating : 4/5

RRP :  £1.99 per multipack for each of the varieities

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  1. These sound great for the kids. With 5 to look after, I'm always looking for something different.

  2. Yumm, yumm; I like anything with cheese but it's not good for my diet for sure. Wonder if these are any better than Ritz crackers? Those are quite good too.

  3. Advertised as something special because it's 100% cheese?! I should hope it's 100% cheese! What else is cheese supposed to be?


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