Friday 28 October 2011

Poundland is on a mission to make it easy and cheap for everyone to have a happy Halloween !

Poundland is on a mission to make it easy and cheap for everyone to have a happy Halloween. With growing popularity for the holiday, it’s easy for kids to get swept up in the excitement, often leaving parents not knowing where to start. So Poundland has come up with some ideas to set you off in the right direction.

In addition, there are a whole host of decoration and dressing-up products from Poundland, which make it cheaper to throw Halloween celebrations for the kids!  I've put a selection of pictures within the blogpost but you can see the whole range here :


Have a happy Halloween…on a budget!

What springs to mind when you think of Halloween? Carved out lanterns and apple bobbing? Or is it the more Americanised tradition of kids in spooky costumes trick or treating at night around the neighbourhood? Increasingly, the latter of the two is at the heart of Halloween and can put worry on parents when allowing children to roam the streets. So how can we keep our kids safe this Halloween?

One option, of course, is accompanying little ones on their neighbourhood visits - that way they can have fun under adult supervision. Or, why not allow the children to have fun whilst being under your watchful eye by throwing a Halloween party? That way the whole family can join in and have smiles on their faces!

To the kids, parties seem to come together as if by magic, but we all know there's a lot more work involved - time, patience, creativity and expense! Let’s face it, most of the time it can seem like an uphill struggle trying to gets kids' parties organised so everyone's happy. So here’s a helping hand to throw a Halloween party with minimal spend and stress!

It's easy to bring Halloween themes to life in your own home and - if you know where to look – it can be affordable too. There are plenty of websites offering handy tips and ideas for crafts and activities at Halloween. is a great website with plenty of ‘how to’ guides and videos that demonstrate costume ideas and straight forward quick-makes that are fun to do together.

Another resource for inspiration are ‘Mummy’ blogs. These wonderful writers often test a whole variety of products with their kids, so it’s worth checking out their reviews on Halloween to see what products are available.

Thankfully though, Halloween products are readily available on the high street so you don’t need to head to specialist party shops for your supplies. Make sure you find a store that sells a range of inexpensive products so you can decorate the house for the party and let the kids pick up everything they need for their costumes without the cost mounting up. It is only one day of the year after all!

Besides products, your Halloween party really needn't cost a fortune. It’s a great opportunity to recycle things from around the home; using old cotton wool as spooky spiders webs, the last bit of tomato ketchup as fake blood or a little talc to get a perfectly pale complexion. Old clothes and sheets can be recycled too and made into costumes. Or there’s the toilet roll trick - wrapping it around the body can make a very convincing Mummy! Getting into the spirit of the occasion and involving the whole family is part of the magic of the day; it needn't break the bank to keep your little witches and devils happy.

If the children do still want to head out trick or treating this Halloween, there are lots of sites like Kids Health, which offer handy tips on staying safe. From wearing bright costumes so they can be seen in the dark, to not carrying so much that they fall over . Poundland has guides you can download from its website too, with tips on throwing Halloween parties on a budget and suggestions to keep the children safe.

Wishing you a very Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love Poudland, especially for xmas stocking stuffers. You know you'll always come out with a bagload of bargains !


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