Thursday 27 October 2011

Top ten gift ideas for teenage boys from Find Me A Gift

As promised, after the gift guides for girls (here), boys (here) and teenage girls (here), here's the one for those hard-to-buy-for teenage boys. I think Find Me A Gift have found some absolutely brilliant, quirky ideas, as always.


Stuck for ideas this Christmas? Think your boys already have everything they need? Leading online retailer will persuade you to think again with a host of new gifts, perfect for older boys. Here are the top 10 gift ideas:

App Blaster – iPhone Games Gun – rrp £19.99

Shoot aliens to score points in this action-filled game. Download the Apptoyz Alien Game, insert an iPhone into the holder and watch pesky extraterrestrials appear on screen in augmented reality. Point the gun to where they come from and shoot! An ideal Christmas gift for an out of this world gaming experience.

My Keepon – rrp £39.99

This happy little fellow loves to entertain! Initially designed to interact with autistic children, this clever robot is now widely available, responding to touch and impressing with funky dance moves and a cheerful chirrup.

Maze Racer – rrp £14.99

Go for glory in this thrilling race against time. Holding the game in both hands, tilt it from side to side to guide the ball through the maze and beat the clock. An a-maz-ing test of skill and concentration this retro-style game will keep boys occupied for hours this Christmas.

Time Trial – Lap Timer for RC Cars – rrp £19.99

Like Vin Diesel himself, take control of this fast and furious race against time. Set up a challenging course using traffic cones, tyre piles, ramp and speed gate (all included) and see how quickly each lap can be completed. Race against friends and family to challenge for the title of ultimate Time Trial champion!

Gyro M4 Radio Controlled Helicopter – rrp £49.99

Reach for the sky with this impressive indoor helicopter. With four channels, it can fly in six different directions and rotate to the left and right just like the real thing. Boys will love showing off their flying abilities this Christmas.

Shower Gun Soap Dispenser – rrp £9.99

Liven up bath time with this novelty bathroom accessory. Ideal for older boys who think a daily shower is overrated, this grown up device is a sure fire way to prove that keeping clean can still be fun. Red shower gel and gun holster with suction cups are included to make this a perfect Christmas gift for teenage boys.

iPhone Gaming Steering Wheel – rrp £9.99

Get behind the wheel with this clever, touch responsive device. Precise control and steering bring racing to life on iPod Touch 4th Generation and iPhone 3GS and 4.

LED Gloves – rrp £9.99

Add a colourful dimension to winter wear this Christmas. These gloves glow at the fingertips in fantastically bright colours to make teenagers stand out from the crowd. With six different settings, they are an unstoppable feast of colour for the hands.

Waterproof Case for Smart Phone – rrp £19.99

This ingenious case protects smart phones from inclement, wintry conditions. Fitting neatly around iPhone and Blackberry, the cover gives instant protection against rain, sleet and snow with the added benefit of a touch screen to make texting, surfing and dialling easy. It can also be used to a depth of one metre underwater!

Hexbug Nano Elevation Habitat Set – rrp £41.99

Hexbug Nanos have somewhere to call home with this superb habitat set. Create an exciting world of interlocking gates, landing platforms and spiralling tracks to keep pet Hexbugs busy and entertain kids this Christmas.

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  1. Some fab ideas there. I have three teenage boys to buy for and always struggle. I really like the Shower Gel Gun.


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