Sunday 3 October 2010

Children's Book Review : My Green Day (10 Green Things I Can Do Today) - Melanie Walsh

5-year-old Juliette can't read yet but she still sat down and looked at every single page in this beautiful hardback book and loved it. It's got everything that little readers could ask for with it's simple colourful pictures full of friendly people and animals as well as intriguing cut-outs, flaps and shaped pages to play with. She loved peeking her face through the sun, moon and washing machine holes and peering through the tiny shower droplet holes at the sky outside the window !

When I called her over to sit on my lap and let me read it to her properly, big sister Sophie tagged along and they both loved the eco-friendly messages. The tone is just right - informative but friendly and fun, not overly serious or preachy. The book is targetted at kids aged 3 upwards and I wondered just what kids of that age could aim to do to be green. Well, admittedly, many of the actions are things that mum and dad will have to do around the home, like creating a compost bin, buying free-range eggs and using a washing line instead of the tumble drier, but there are some things that kids can do themselves, like baking cakes with dad to avoid the excess packaging of shop-bought goodies or finishing up their plate to avoid food waste.

The girls spontaneously started commenting on the pictures and the short texts and came up with some other ideas of their own or asked questions so we actually had a really enriching conversation about the environment and simple things that anyone of any age can do to help look after the planet.

After all that green advice, it's great to see that the book is made from 100% recycled material. It's a lovely fun and educational book for kids of all ages to enjoy with a grown-up who will be able to answer all their tricky questions about all things green !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £10.99

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