Monday 18 October 2010

Situation vacant - Must be prepared to taste lots of chocolate !

Now, this is my kind of press release, not to mention my kind of job ! :
Lord Sugar isn’t the only one currently offering the nation’s ‘finest’ a job this Autumn. Premium chocolate brand Green & Black’s (G&B’s) Head of Taste, Micah Carr-Hill, is offering one lucky individual from a nation of chocolate lovers the chance to land the dream job as he launches a UK-wide hunt for his new Taste Assistant.

No formal qualifications are required, but the Taste Assistant will have to be prepared for the tough task of coming up with exciting new flavour combinations, devising new products (and the arduous task of tasting them) and the possibility of being asked to travel the world to source the very best ingredients. Plus cope with the temptation of being surrounded by chocolate on daily basis.

Micah Carr-Hill said; “Although it might sound like most people’s ultimate job, the search won’t be as easy as it sounds. Despite 1 in 4 Britons being born with the right physiology to be a ‘supertaster’ , I’m looking for someone with a good nose too! A highly developed sense of smell is just as important in determining a person’s suitability to be my assistant, and help me to create the future flavours of Green & Black’s

“Whilst I’ll obviously be training up my assistant, what I’m searching for is someone who truly understands the difference between taste and flavour. Not everyone does; what is commonly referred to as taste is actually flavour and flavour is a complex combination of taste, smell, touch, temperature, and trigeminal senses. But actually it’s smell that’s most important.

“Taking all of this into account, we believe we’re looking for that one in a ‘tasting’ million, which is why we’re pulling out all the stops in our nationwide search. We’re asking people to come forward to reveal, or even discover, their tasting skills. To do this we’ve launched our first ever cinema advert, and are using Facebook to spread the word, as well as having commissioned a UK-wide study to find out where the nation’s taste experts are hiding.”

Author of the Green & Black’s Science of Taste Report, Professor Tim Jacob, believes that women tend to have the edge over men when it comes to taste and flavour, and that new Taste Assistant may also be under 35 as taste sensitivities do decline with age .

Micah Carr-Hill added; “However, I’m living proof that sticking to ‘the rules’ does not always help you find the best candidate for the job. The field is wide open and we’re welcoming applications from everyone. So get applying!”

Application for the role of Green & Black's Taste Assistant can be made at where the cinema advert can also be viewed. Closing date for entries is 16th December 2010. The successful candidate is expected to take up their role early 2011.

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