Sunday 10 October 2010

Brother Max 3-in-1 Thermometer

This is such a clever product, not to mention pleasing on the eye, and the fact that it works in several ways also makes it really good value. As well as being a medical thermometer to keep a check on your child's temperature if you think they've got a fever, it can also be used as a room thermometer, which is also really important for young babies as overheating their bedroom could increase the risks of SIDS.

As a room thermometer, you can stand it up on a shelf on the little plastic stand, as shown in the image above, or you can transform the stand into a wall mount or even attach it to the underside of a shelf and let the thermometer hang down. This means that you can fix it anywhere you want, out of baby's reach but in an easy-to-read location.

But the really clever bit is when you want to use it as a medical thermometer. You can choose between two different functions, using an ear reading or a forehead reading. I always think an ear reading is the most accurate - after all, it's what they use in hospital ! - but if you've got a poorly, grizzly baby or child who really doesn't want to be messed about, the forehead reading is totally uninvasive and even allows you to check their temperature discreetly while they sleep. The thermometer has a backlight and the numbers are large enough to be really easy to read, even in semi-darkness.

The Brother Max website says that the thermometer is accurate to 0.1° within 1 second which is amazing. It is endorsed by Dr Hilary Jones and the Meningitis Research Foundation and has won a whole host of awards, including the gold Mother & Baby award for Most Innovative Product, silver Mother & Baby for Best Nursery Product and silver in the Netherlands Best Baby & Infant Product. I can totally understand why it has been so highly praised and would class it as an essential piece of equipment for new parents. However, it goes beyond the baby/child market because it can also be used by adults so it is actually a really handy product for any household, whatever the age of the occupants. It offers great peace of mind and it's so simple and rapid to use that it helps relieve a lot of stress when you're dealing with a sick child.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £34.99

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