Wednesday 27 October 2010

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter

Earlier on, I came across a tub of Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter in my reviews box. I smiled at the cute picture of a baby's bum on the label, nodded approvingly at the discreet minimalist chic of the packaging and, when I twisted off the lid, oohed and aahed at the gorgeous vanilla fragrance.

I took it into Pierre's bedroom and slathered it all over his bottom when I changed his nappy. The poor little man is teething and has quite nasty nappy rash at the moment, particularly first thing in the morning. The product is quite accurately named a butter so it's quite greasy but is also deliciously soft and perfect for sore, irritated skin. The texture, as well as the soothing chamomile oil, really helped to relieve the soreness and irritation.

As I love the vanilla fragrance so much, I rubbed the excess from my fingers into the skin on the back of my hands and noticed they felt nice and moisturised and soothed. I have quite dry skin and the feeling of tightness and roughness was instantly relieved. I also rubbed a quick slick over my lips, which are feeling a bit dry and chapped, and I was really impressed with how they felt afterwards - perfectly soothed, soft and - mmmm - the gorgeous vanilla scent wafting up to my nostrils ! I was reminded of my doctor telling me that the best cure for a sore red nose when you have a cold is to rub baby bum cream into the skin - the vanilla-scented butter would be ideal for that too !

Coming online to write my review, I discovered the press release. "Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter caused a stampede after it received glowing reports on mums' websites, not for their babies' bottoms, but for the youthful effect it had on their skin ! The butter is free from artificial chemicals and contains olive oil, camomile - for nappy rash - and lavender." The ingredients list actually says that it contains olive oil, hydrogenated olive oil, vanillin and chamomile oil. That's all - no artificial colours, preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals, SLS or artificial fragrances. I rushed off to try it on my face too and I have to say, I found it a bit greasy for my liking, although if you use it as a night cream, you do have lovely soft skin in the morning.

Having reviewed several similar baby balms and butters with a much higher price tag, I was already very impressed with the high quality of the product, its soothing properties, delicious fragrance and natural ingredients. Add to this it's multi-tasking nature - baby bottom butter, lip balm, hand cream, face cream, anything else you can think of ! ... - and budget price tag and you have a product that wins on all counts.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.49

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