Thursday 14 October 2010

Roll up, Roll up, Enter Rude Health and Virtuous's Bread Baking Competition !

Rude Health and Virtuous, forging the link between eating well and doing good through bread, have joined forces to organise a baking competition to encourage amateur bakers, to celebrate diversity (you don't need to have cereal in a bowl - you can bake it into bread too!), and to give everyone something to do at half term when it is bound to rain.

There are simple rules which you can find on their website here  and essentially they are asking people to bake the bread of their choice using the Rude Health cereal of their choice (but no "new" wheat flour, use other flours like spelt, rye, gram, whatever - remember diversity !). There are lovely prizes to be won. There are sample recipes on the websites too just in case you are not sure how to begin.

Loaves must be delivered in person or by post between 25th -29th October to Rude Health, 1 Glenville Mews, Kimber Road,Wandsworth, SW18 4NJ.

I wonder what the postman will say when he has all these loaves to deliver ! ("Oh crumbs" probably !)

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