Sunday 10 October 2010

Hale & Hearty Mini Breadsticks

15-month-old Pierre is teething and has a bit of a cold and he's been off his food for a few days. 5-year-old Juliette was tired and a bit whiney this afternoon because she was stuck at home while big sister Sophie had been invited to a friend's house. But - ta da - I had a quick look through my "to be reviewed" box and found a product that put a smile on both of their faces : Hale & Hearty Mini Breadsticks !

Free from wheat, gluten, soya and GMOs, they are ideal for people who need a "free from" diet. However, having sampled various gluten-free products in the past, I know that some of them lose in taste when they remove all the allergens. While I guessed they would be ideal for Pierre to soothe his sore gums on, I didn't expect them to live up to my high taste standards, but, being a dutiful mum, I took a tentative nibble when Juliette lovingly presented me her bread stick to share. Wow - they taste really buttery and have a lovely flavour of freshly-grilled toast. We polished off half a bag between us and would have eaten the lot if I hadn't said "stoooop, I need to keep a few so I can write the review later" !

A closer look at the bag reveals that they won gold at the great taste 2010 awards and I can certainly see why. Crispy, crunchy but not crumbly, they are delicious eaten as they are, although they would also be lovely with a dip like guacamole or Italian-style with Parma ham wrapped around them. The girls also decided they would taste lovely dipped in nutella or peanut butter !

The only slight downside is that they are pretty heavy on the calories - 100g contain 448 calories. I just thought I should warn you before you take your first taste because once you've started, it's incredibly hard to stop ! That's the only reason I deduct a half point brcause apart from that, they are absolutely delicious.

star rating : 4.5/5

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