Friday 29 October 2010

Hallmark Child Sleep Pattern Research - Chance to ask your questions to a Child Sleep Expert

This week, I reviewed (here and here) two lovely Christmas-themed children's books from Hallmark, famed for their cards. Well, they also have another lovely children's book on offer (which I will be reviewing shortly) called 'Night-Night, Sweet Dreams' and featuring those ultra-cute Forever Friends bears. 

The book helps to explain the importance of getting a good night's sleep and, to mark the book's release, Hallmark have launched a campaign to help parents solve their sleeping dilemmas. It couldn't come at a better time - every year, when the time comes around to turn the clocks back or forward, thousands of mums and dads groan inwardly, knowing that nine times out of ten, it will mean throwing their child's sleeping routine out of synch.

Hallmark are working closely with top TV psychologist and children's sleep expert, Chireal Shallow, who is offering lots of great advice and will also be available for an exclusive live Q&A session.

The live chat is on Tuesday 2nd November from 11am-3pm. To join in, post your question to Chireal by including @HallmarkUK in your tweet. Or, if you can't make it on the day, post your questions in advance right here in my comments box and or on the Forever Friends facebook page.

I'll be back soon with some top tips from Chireal and The Sleep Council to help you help your kids get a great night's sleep. In the meantime, get posting your questions for Chireal below !

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  1. I just found your blogpost looking for advice about children's sleeping habits after changing the clocks. The question I have is, should you maintain baby's normal bedtime or adjust it to fit in with the hour's time difference ? And should you make gradual changes (5 minutes a night extra) or just add on the whole hour in one go ?

  2. Hello and thanks for posting your question. Here's the answer that Chireal gave on twitter :

    hallmarkUK @Cherylp59 asked should you maintain baby's normal bedtime or adjust it to fit in with the hour's time difference ?

    hallmarkUK @Cherylp59 you should always go with the time and regulate your babys body rhythm with your simple routine

    hallmarkUK @Cherylp59 maybe for the first week you need to spend longer settling, read a few more books.

    Hope this helps !


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