Friday 29 October 2010

Organic Blue Body Scrub

When I was offered one of their products for review, I'd never heard of the Organic Blue brand but I did a little research and liked what I read : "Wave goodbye to synthetic fragrances and artificial colourings and say hello to Organic Blue, a range of soothing and uplifting, natural beauty and mood enhancing treatments. Formulated to leave you feeling and looking the best you can feel, this delicious range is inspired by traditional philosophies and maximises the use of natural and certified organic ingredients." Soothing ... uplifting ...mood-enhancing ... natural ... what's not to like ?

 When the product arrived and I saw the sleek, luxurious looking, vibrant blue bottle and the "organic" label, I was expecting this to be a pricey product but I was pleasantly surprised by the budget price tag. The body scrub I've been testing only costs £3.99.

So what's it like ? It's quite runny so it's better to use in the shower all over your body than on your face. It's made of ground peach kernels and it feels pleasantly "gritty" as if it contains sand. I like my body scrubs to feel slightly harsh and scratchy so that you can feel it working and this does leave you with lovely soft, nicely exfoliated skin without giving you any sense of irritation, itchiness or redness. My skin actually felt nicely moisturised afterwards too and the scrub washed away easily with water - unlike some greasy body scrubs I've tried, I didn't need to reapply shower gel to wash off any oily film. There was what looked like sand in the bottom of the shower afterwards so I'm sure Mike must think I went to the beach without telling him !

But the best thing is the gorgeous fragrance - mandarin and ginger. It's perfect for winter because the smell is somehow warming and energising, and it made me feel a bit Christmassy - probably because it made me think of satsumas and gingerbread. It smelt wonderful and relaxing in the shower but didn't last for very long on my skin afterwards. I would think the rest of the range offer these unique and delicious scents as Organic Blue say that their products are "infused with ingredients from around the world that blend together to refresh, condition and improve skin and hair texture and leave you in a sanctuary of inner peace and tranquility".

 As the name suggests, Organic Blue use certified organic ingredients and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are also paraben, SLS, artificial fragrance and colouring free. I love the wide range of natural ingredients that they pack into each product - the body scrub includes Neem (which has anti-bacterial properties and is renowned for its ability to help with skin disorders) and organic herbal extracts of Angelica, Elder, Red Clover and Passionflower.

If you're looking for a range of beauty products that is kind to your skin but also light on the pocket, smells wonderful and looks very chic in the bathroom, I highly recommend Organic Blue.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £3.99 for 250ml for the body scrub

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  1. It looks really quality stuff. Would like to try some. I'm into organic body products.


  2. I love organic products.I think this body scrub is ideal for me


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