Sunday 10 October 2010

Dettol No-Touch hand wash system

Little things please little minds but when those little things also help to keep little hands clean, then I'm certainly not complaining. All of that is just a roundabout way of saying, we've just received a Dettol No-Touch hand wash system to review and the kids (not to mention the adults !) absolutely love it !

Lots of people that I've spoken to think these no-hands type of automatic soap dispensers are just a gimmick. I beg to differ. Living in a house with three kids and being one of the breed of "yes my lovelies, you go off and play outside in the mud or get your messy play arts and crafts stuff out, it's all good for creativity !" mums, you should see the state of our non-automatic liquid soap dispenser ! The white pump action nozzle is covered in multicoloured paint splodges, felt tip pen stains, smears of melted chocolate and jam, remnants of mud and goodness knows what other general grime from outdoor play - and that's just the stuff we can see ! I always wash the pump at the same time as I wash my hands to try to keep it relatively clean but I know the girls don't so whenever they wash their hands, they're actually transferring their muck and germs on to the very thing that's supposed to be getting them clean. I know that whenever I've been chopping raw meat and want to wash my hands, I'm paranoid about getting blood and germs on the soap dispenser so I end up doing a contortionist's act in my kitchen and trying to dispense soap using my elbow !

Dettol to the rescue ! The Healthy Touch (or that should be Healthy No-Touch !) soap dispenser cleverly spits out just the right amount of soap for you to wash your hands if you waft them underneath the nozzle with no need for you to touch anything. The packaging proudly claims it will kill 99.9% of bacteria which is fantastic, but even if it didn't, the good news is that you no longer need to touch things with your dirty hands so that you can wash them.

The girls love the high-tech gadget aspect and I'm actually now having to nag them about washing their hands once not twice before sitting down to eat, which I have to say is better than having them constantly forget and remembering mid-sandwich that their hands are filthy ! I must admit that I love that aspect too but I also love the soap inside it. It smells lovely - we have the cleansing green tea & ginger variety, but it also comes in hydrating cucumber splash and refreshing grapefruit essence - and is gentle on my hands too.

The soap dispenser needs 4 AAA batteries and I was really impressed to see that these are included in the pack. Dettol have really thought about the details, even giving you a scratch and sniff panel on the front of the pack to allow you to choose your favourite fragrance.

Once the soap has all been used, you can just replace the handy refill pack, which can be bought separately. I get a feeling we'll be replacing it frequently, until the novelty wears off at least !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £9.99 for the starter pack(dispenser, hand wash refill & 4 batteries), refill packs £2.99 for 250ml

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  1. I understand its not nice touching a dispenser plunger when it is covered in grime of some kind, but there is no need for a touchless dispenser when the soap you are then washing your hands with kills 99.9% of all known germs!

    As long as you wash your hands properly any germs you may have picked up from the plunger will be killed by the soap you have just dispensed!!!!!

  2. That's actually a very good point ! With the way the girls wash their hands though, I'd say the less germs they pick up the better because it's pretty short and sweet - and I admit it, I love the funky gadgetry !! I know, just call me a big kid !!

  3. What about the germs on the tap - or is it a "no touch system" as well!

  4. What about the germs on the hand towels, the bathroom door handle, the stair rail, the back of the cahir you pull out before you sit down to eat, your own clothing?
    Trust me folks you have a LOT more to concern yourselves with than the plastic top of a soap dispenser if you wish to avoid germs.
    Or on the other hand you could stop obsessing about every surface some advertising geek says will kill you & get on with life.

  5. This is so weird! As someone has already stated, what is the main reason you would touch 'a germy soap pump' ... TO WASH YOUR HANDS?! Ughh.. I just dont understand?

  6. If you actually read my review, you'll notice that I don't talk about germs as the main advantage - I talk about BLOOD after handling meat, POO after changing nappies and PAINT after doing arts and crafts with the kids, all of which I'm really happy not to be spreading over the soap dispenser. I still also love the fact that it encourages hand washing for the kids because it's such a cool gadget.


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