Friday 8 October 2010

Kings & Queens George III Lime Shower Gel

I've just had a shower with King George III and I was impressed by how funky he looked and how nice he smelt. No, I haven't gone stark raving bonkers ! I've just been trying out one of the shower gels from the Kings & Queens range of beauty and bath products.

I absolutely love the concept - "a new unique body care range based on herbs and spices used by royals and nobles". Wow, very luxurious. And very intriguing too, because apart from Cleopatra and her notorious bathing in asses' milk, I have no real idea about the hygiene habits of the British monarchy, past or present !

The modern-day Royal Family needn't worry though. Nobody has been snooping about in the en-suites at Buckingham Palace ! This fascinating range uses ingredients favoured by royals from a bygone era and all of the products are enriched with the core ingredients of Pomegranate, Blue Egyptian Lotus and Malachite extracts.

The range includes body butters, shower gels, body milks and soaps but I received the George III Lime Shower Gel to try out. I love the fact that the label gives you a fascinating snippet of information about a particular royal or noble historical figure that links him or her to the product you're using. On my shower gel bottle, it says : "One of the most dreadful enemies of the British navy was scurvy, which is caused by lack of vitamin C. But in the early 18th century, sailors were saved by simply consuming daily lime juice, following orders given by King George III." That gives you food for thought as you wash with lime-scented shower gel !

I love the fresh, funky, slightly kitsch lime green-coloured packaging which livens up the bathroom and this vibrant green colour is continued in the product itself. As I squeezed a gloopy dollop in my hand, it reminded me of Slimer the ectoplasmic green ghost from the 80's Ghostbusters movies, so I smiled to myself ... then laughed out loud as I released the pressure on the bottle and watched it all disappear back into the bottle ! I did it again two or three times and was impressed at how efficiently the bottle sucked up every last scrap of gloop !

Once I wiped my hand across the lid before releasing the bottle, I could smear it all over my body and inhale the lovely lime fragrance. It does smell gorgeous and zesty but I would have loved the fragrance to pack a bigger punch and linger on the skin for longer. I am a bit of a highly-scented shower gel junkie though and love the really potent perfumes that give you the impression you've had a shower with the "You've been Tangoed" big hand ! The Kings & Queens shower gel made me feel lovely and clean and invigorated but I would have liked a bit more lather. It was good for shaving my legs with though, as it wasn't too bubbly or runny, but I did feel I needed to moisturise my body after my shower.

All in all, I really loved the quirky product line and the exotic, regal-sounding ingredients, as well as the interesting historical  facts to read on the label as I waited for the shower to run warm !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £5 for 300ml

now available from Waitrose, Superdrug, Bath & Unwind and independent outlets

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