Thursday 28 October 2010

My First Scooter from Ozbozz

Aaaagghhh kids ! Have you ever noticed, the big kids always want to play with the little kids' toys and the little kids always want to play with the big kids' toys ?!  9-year-old Sophie and 5-year-old Juliette are constantly sharing their toys and swapping over. I had a good laugh at Sophie riding around outside on Juliette's small bike with stabilisers earlier in the week (her back tyre is punctured on her big bike, apparently) and Juliette is always trying to convince me that she can wear Sophie's roller blades, before giving up 5 seconds later as she's almost accidentally done the splits again for the fiftieth time ! I don't mind really - it's all part of growing up - but there are times I have to put my foot down and say no for safety's sake.

Well, if you're grinning and nodding your head, recognising your own kids in that little description, help is at hand ! We've just received a My First Scooter from Ozbozz and it's brilliant. It's (as far as I know) the first scooter that actually grows with your child. Just as, with a bike, you start off with stabilisers then progress to two wheels, you can start off with four wheels, then go to three and finally two. And back again, when your young child is desperately trying to keep up with their older siblings and attempting to run before they can walk.

As the manufacturer explains : "Sibling rivalry is over!  When your toddler wants to try out your older child’s scooter there can be tears and tantrums.  Now  Ozbozz have devised a scooter that ‘grows’ safely  with your child.  Starting off on a sturdy four wheels, the wheels can then be reduced to three making a three-wheeled scooter. Once confidence and ability develops then a third wheel can be removed to create a fully-fledged two-wheeler."

As you can see, Juliette has proudly adopted the My First Scooter and is currently using it with four wheels. She's even accepted to hand over the Hannah Montana Folding Scooter that we also reviewed recently to Sophie. To see how simple it is to assemble, I told Sophie she could start taking everything out of the box and choosing the wheels while I went to find a screwdriver. I got sidetracked by little brother Pierre and a stinky nappy and when I got back, it was ready to go ! Sophie had read the instructions, worked out how it all fitted together and used the enclosed Alan key (or is it Allen key ?) to put it all together ! I was really impressed. However, the girls went out to play and came back looking shame-faced a few minutes later. The back wheels hadn't been tightened enough and had come off and now the bolt that held the wheels on was lost. Eeeek ! Luckily, after retracing their route, we managed to find it and this time, Daddy was called in to really tighten the nuts ! They've been playing with it (yes, they - they keep swapping the My First Scooter and the Hannah Montanan one between them !) for the past fortnight and I'm happy to report, the wheels haven't fallen off since !

I love the fact that this is a three-in-one scooter for many reasons. It's lighter on the pocket, takes up less space in the garage, is kinder to the environment because you only buy one instead of three, gives your kids the confidence to try out the next stage up, knowing that they can come back to an extra wheel if they aren't quite ready, avoids lots of "keeping up with big brother/sister" arguments and actually gets lots of use, because when Sophie and Juliette have finished riding around on scooters, Pierre will just about be ready to set off on four wheels !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £19.99

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