Friday 29 October 2010

Vetroxx Disinfectant Hand Gel

When swine flue was rife, it seemed that a new brand of hand sanitizing gel was launched on the market every week. To quote one of my mum's favourite sayings, they were all much of a muchness ! I reviewed several brands on this blog and they all try to find a differentiating quality to make them stand out from the rest - maybe they were organic, or natural, or alcohol-free or kid-friendly or fragranced.

Well, this time, the brand I have received to review is Vetroxx. So, what's so different about this one ? Well, the main difference is surprising : "Vetroxx is a small but comprehensive range of disinfectant and cleaning products used by veterinary professionals in their surgeries and animal hospitals. Vetroxx products are also suitable for pet-owners to use at home when caring for their animals (both well animals and sick ones)." Ahh well at least it explains the name Vetroxx. (I now have visions of an American voice doing a TV advert and drawling "your vet rocks" - if you knew what my vet looked like, you'd know why that was funny !).

The product itself looks very similar to all the other hand sanitizers I've tried out. It comes in a pocket/handbag-friendly size so it's perfect for keeping on you at all times so that you can have a quick spray before eating or after touching anything icky like a public toilet door or sneezy child when suitable handwashing facilities aren't always available.

It's very wet and runny when you spray it on to your hands but it rubs away in seconds leaving you with totally dry but pleasantly citrus-fragranced hands. The initial burst of fragrance when you've just sprayed it on your hands is eye-wateringly strong and seems quite harsh. I checked the label and it does contain alcohol (Aqua and Isopropyl Alcohol) so you should be aware of this if giving it to your children to keep in their schoolbag. On the plus side, it also contains Aloe Vera to help look after your hands.

According to the packaging, it is "Clinically Clean but Environmentally Green", natural, non-toxic (although you should immediately seek medical attention if swallowed, which seems a bit contradictory ???), hypo-allergenic and dermatologically-tested and non-flammable. Its active ingredient - a bioflavonoid complex - is derived from fruit. The manufacturer explains : "Vetroxx contains Citroxx, a naturally derived and highly effective disinfectant made from orange pith, which is already being widely used in food preparation, hospital and surgery disinfection, farm animal protection. Safe in use and highly biodegradable, it is also very kind on both the skin and work surfaces."

The Vetroxx range - as well as the hand gel, you can buy a surface spray or wipes - has been evaluated by one of Europe’s leading independent laboratories that has affirmed its effectiveness in rapidly killing flu viruses by 99.9998%. That's impressive but about the same as all the other hand sanitizers on the market. It remains effective for four hours on your skin. I do feel reassured that this product has originally been formulated for use in veterinary practices who obviously need highly efficient products.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £3.99 for 75ml

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