Saturday 2 October 2010

11 – 15th October is Back Care Awareness Week - Lifft Slings 'back-saving' positions demos

Lifft Sling, marketed as the only known baby sling proven to improve posture, is getting involved in Back Care Awareness Week later this month (11th – 15th October) by running a series of demonstrations on ‘back-saving’ positions.

As they explain : "Many women experience back pain of some form or another during pregnancy – whether that’s from a shifting sense of gravity, the baby’s head pushing on the pelvis which in turn pushes on the sciatic nerve, or from loosening ligaments preparing the body for childbirth.

As part of the body’s recovery from pregnancy and childbirth, it is important for women to support their spines and pelvis, which can be difficult when stomach muscles may be weakened. In research undertaken by University of Central Lancashire, it was found that the Lifft Sling reduced the extent of lateral trunk flexion when walking and standing i.e. reducing the degree that mums ‘kick out’ their hips when supporting a baby, helping them keep their spine straighter.

So, not only does a Lifft Sling look good, it’s actually good for you too."

Pierre is now 14 months old but I can still use my Lifft sling comfortably (for me and him) and with no backache afterwards. It's great for those times when you just want to dash to the shops quickly or you're running late for the school run and you don't want to faff about getting the pushchair out. We also took our Lifft sling on holiday to Turkey with us this year in place of a pushchair and it was so much easier. Hassled parents with pushchairs were looking at us enviously as we hopped on and off the local dolmus buses and we had a fabulous idea. When it wasn't in use, we kept it in the fridge in our hotel room so whenever we went out in the heat, mum and baby got a lovely chilled sling to use to help keep us cool.

Here's our little holiday snapshot gallery of our Lifft sling on location !  

For those of you don't know much about Lifft slings, you can read my review here. Also, Louise Day, founder of Lifft Sling, will be featuring in the forthcoming BBC2 documentary The Next Big Thing, due to air in the New Year 2011.

Lifft is a member of the Consortium of UK Sling Manufacturers and Retailers which recommends 4 basic principles when using a sling - 'T.I.C.K.S': Tight in view at all times, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin off chest, Supported back.

for more information :

demo dates and locations (courtesy of Lifft):

on the morning of the walk (Monday 11th October at 10am), Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th October, all at Riverbank Childrens Centre in Preston

Wed 20th October at Poulton-le-fylde Childrens Centre

Other reviews you may be interested in :

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