Tuesday 12 October 2010

Karvol Plug-in Vaporiser

I still have memories from when I was a kid (back in the seventies, I'm showing my age now !) when, as soon as the winter months approached, my nan would smear an eye-watering handful of Vicks vapour rub all over my chest before bed ! Nobody seems to do that any more these days (which is probably not an entirely bad thing, I remember it as being very sticky !) - I'm sure people are far too worried about allergies and things nowadays ! - but this Karvol vaporiser is a bit like a modern version.

The unit looks like a plug-in air freshener or one of the plug-in mosquito repellents you can buy. It looks a bit cheap and plasticky to be honest but you can always stick it in one of the sockets hidden out of the way and you'll most likely use it overnight so nobody will see it with the lights out anyway !

One thing that does concern me slightly is that I know for the plug-in air fresheners, there have been isolated cases where the units have overheated and even rarer cases where they have actually caught fire. I looked all over the box to see if there is a maximum time you should keep them plugged in and I can't see one. The box does warn you that you should only use the unit without an adapter or extension lead and you must leave 50cm air space around the unit when plugged in. The Vaporiser Refill should be replaced after 3 nights' use but that's all they say so just use common sense and unplug it when not needed or if it starts feeling warm.

Karvol may well have taken this into account as they seem very safety conscious. The Vaporiser Refills come in a special dispenser with one end that acts as a key. You slot it into the two holes round the back of the unit which will pop open the unit and allow you to insert the Vaporiser Refill. You then click the unit shut again and this will ensure that little fingers won't be able to open it up in your absence. This very reassuring if you want to use it in a child's bedroom and have a little monkey who always likes to try to take things apart !

The Karvol Vaporiser releases the natural vapours of a combination of aromatic oils, including pine, cinnamon and menthol, which help promote easy breathing. The smell is pleasant and not overpowering or headachey. The great thing is, everybody can benefit from it so it probably works out cheaper than buying separate decongestant remedies for each individual person. It's great if you have a cold or hayfever but I also love the fact that it may even help reduce snoring - that has to be great news for a large proportion of the population !

The product is suitable for adults, children and babies over 3 months old. For maximum effect, you should keep doors and windows closed but if you find this too strong, or if you're putting it in a small child's room, you may want to keep the door open to "dilute" the strength of the vapour a bit.

Sweet dreams everybody !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £6.35 for a vaporiser plug-in unit & 3 refills

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