Wednesday 6 October 2010

St Eval Scented Candle Tin

Summer's definitely behind us now. The nights are drawing in and getting chilly and it'll be even worse in a few weeks' time when the clocks go back. The summer me-time of sipping cocktails by the pool has been replaced by the autumn/winter version : snuggling up in bed with a good book and a scented candle.

I love burning scented candles in the bedroom. I find the flickering light strangely relaxing and that, combined with the often gorgeous, subtle scents that the candles give off, help me to forget about the day's stresses and drift off to sleep quickly and easily. You can find candles to suit all tastes and budgets, but I find that the best ones are always those that contain natural ingredients.

I was therefore really excited when I was sent a Scented Candle Tin to review from the St Eval Candle Company. As they explain on their Facebook page, "Based on the rugged North Cornish Coast, St. Eval Candle Company is dedicated to producing a wide selection of high quality candles that will enhance your home. Our skilled workers combine age-old methods of candle production with the finest wax and wicks to produce candles of the highest quality. Adding a subtle blend of St. Eval’s own unique fragrances and distinctive pots completes the process. Based as we are on a traditional working farm (the farm is mixed arable and livestock), environmental issues are very important to us and are taken into consideration for all aspects of our business." So far so good. Now on to the product itself.

I received the divine-sounding Tranquility candle to review, labelled as "a relaxing blend of lavender, orange and ylang ylang". It smells absolutely gorgeous, giving off a natural delicate scent that isn't at all overpowering or headachey. It's not too girlie-girlie either, as even Mike walked into the bedroom and said it smelt really nice. The candle has a burning time of approximately 45 hours which actually makes it really good value. I also love the fact that, when I feel my stress levels rising, I can just whip the lid off the tin and breathe in the gorgeous relaxing scent without even lighting it and it works as an instant aromatherapy to restore my inner calm. I'm always amazed to see how quickly and effectively it works.

I absolutely adore the Tranquility fragrance but the other scents in the range also sound totally divine so I want to try them all out too ! They come in Bay & Rosemary (an invigorating combination of herbal scents), Bergamot & Nettle (uplifting, herbal aroma with hints of spice), Celery & Herb (the cool crisp smell of succulent celery sticks combined with the heady aroma of freshly chopped herbs), Inspiritus (an ulifting blend of aromatic spices), Joy (a light floral fragranced based on mimosa), Lavender (a relaxing and soothing scent of fresh aromatic lavender), Orange & Cinnamon (a warm tangy fragrance with hints of spice), Sandalwood (a blend of warm musk and woody scents), Sensuality (a luxurious blend of nutmeg, citrus and ginger), Thyme & Mint (crisp, clear scent of fresh garden mint blended with a herbal scent of thyme), Tranquility (a relaxing blend of lavender, orange and ylang ylang) and Vanilla (sweet vanilla bean fragrance, with a soft and powdery character). But that's just the Scented Candle Tins ! They also have a mindbogglingly enormous range of other goodies, including English Eccentrics Pillars, Fragranced Church Collection, Tuscan Stone Garden Candles, Beer Bottle Fragranced Candles ... The list is endless and could cover your entire Christmas shopping list in one go. They even have an ultra-cute Christmas-themed tin with a Figgy Pudding fragrance - what more could you ask for ?! Definitely well worth a look.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £8.45

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  1. I agree....I have some Tranquility
    T Lights...they last for around 6 hours and the scent is fantabulously lovely...not over powering either.
    I shall buy some more next time I'm in Falmouth !

  2. Oooh the shop must smell absolutely divine !


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