Monday 25 October 2010

Are you brave enough to put your mummy tummy on the internet?

Earlier today, I received a rather strange but really interesting and inspiring email ! It said :

I’m hoping you can take part in an experiment/campaign to help mums get over the anxiety they feel about their mummy tummies. Most mums end up with that ubiquitous mummy tummy, it’s normal ! Yet so many of us feel embarrassed, self-conscious and even revolted by it. After recently reading that there has been a 31% increase in the number of mummy tummy tucks, Justina Perry, a mum of two, feels enough is enough. She is on a mission to show that mummy tummies are beautiful and something to be proud of. She’s trying to get as many mums as possible to take a pic of their belly, email it to her and she will upload it anonymously onto a gallery. She’s asking that mums supply a quote too about how they feel about their mummy tummy. The aim is to show women that mummy tummies are normal, that we all have them and that they’re nothing to be ashamed of.

Now, this is going to sound like a cop-out but my digital camera is out of action at the moment so I can't upload any pictures ! I know, I know, you are all shaking your heads laughing and saying "yeah, right ... chicken !" but I did mention it here so I have proof !!

I do want to spread the word though because I think it's a great campaign so here's some more information :

Love Your Mummy Tummy campaign launches

MamaBabyBliss dares mums to bare their baby bellies

25 October 2010 – ‘Love your mummy tummy’ is the message of a new campaign from mother of two Justina Perry who is fed up with the body image pressure so many new mums experience. She is encouraging mums to show off their mummy tummies with pride in an online gallery at

After reading a news report about a new miracle cream that burns away flab to help combat ‘the latest body image anxiety’ and that statistics show a 31% increase in the mummy tummy tuck, Justina felt something had to be done. She decided to take a picture of her own mummy tummy and put it on her website to help demonstrate that mothers should love their new shape. She’s encouraging other mums to do the same.

“There is so much pressure on new mums to look good after they’ve had a baby, with many celeb mums seemingly back to bikini perfect bodies days after giving birth,” says Justina. “I know women want to look and feel good about themselves but they’re getting a skewed impression of what real beauty is from the media. I want mothers to realise that a mummy tummy is a natural, normal, beautiful thing to be celebrated, not embarrassed by.”

Mothers are invited to send in their mummy tummy pictures to “We want to get as many photos as possible to demonstrate that mums come in all shapes and sizes. Mothers have enough things to be anxious about. Your tummy should not be one them!” says Justina.


I'll try to sort out the camera situation. In the mean time, how many of you mums are brave enough to join in ?!

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