Wednesday 27 October 2010

Ryvita Crispbreads

When I was given the chance recently to review some Ryvita Crispbreads, I agreed but I have to admit that I wasn't overly enthusiastic. The last time I ate Ryvita was back in the early 1990's when I was a student and it was about the only thing left to eat in the back of the cupboard until we went shopping ! I always thought Ryvita was the quintessential diet food, low in calories but low in taste, and you knew it had to be good for you because it wasn't very nice to eat. My dad always used to joke that you might as well eat cardboard, you wouldn't notice the difference !

Well, I was amazed to see how far Ryvita has come since then. I received three different products to trial : Cracked Black Pepper Crispbread, Pumpkin Seeds & Oats Crispbread and Fruit Crunch Crispbread. This inspired me to go and look at the website to see if there were any other varieties available and the choice is huge. The Crispbreads also come in Sweet Onion, Sesame, Dark Rye, Multigrain, Original and Sunflower Seed & Oats. But that's just the crispbread. Ryvita now also do Minis (which look like a fabulous, healthier alternative to crisps) in four flavours (Cheddar & Onion, Sweet Chilli, Salt & Vinegar, Cream Cheese & Chive), Crackerbread (Original or Wholegrain, which can be used with savoury or sweet toppings) and Thins (Multi-Seed, Cracked Black Pepper or Sweet Chilli) which look great with dips.

Suddenly feeling more enthusiastic, I tore open the packs and had a quick taste of each. They have the same crispy, fibrous texture I remember but they are much less bland, each variety having a delicate background taste of its added ingredient which enhances but doesn't overpower your toppings. They are now something I would actually choose to eat because they taste nice, rather than something I'd inflict on myself in an attempt to shed a few pounds (although if the two go hand in hand, I'm not going to complain !).

The girls suddenly appeared in the kitchen to see what they were missing out on. I said that they could have a taste but I didn't think they'd like them. Well, how wrong was I ?! Even Juliette, who can be a bit picky, gave them a thumbs up and asked if they could have some for tea. Judging by the fact that they polished off half a pack between them, they are very tasty topped with cheese spread or cheddar with cucumber and cherry tomatoes on the side.

 By now, Pierre, 15 months, was looking on enviously so I decided to give him one of the fruity crispbread. They taste ever so slightly sweet but I wasn't at all sure he'd like the texture or the flavour. Well, wrong again ! He absolutely loved it and I would think the ridged texture feels lovely on his sore gums as he's teething.

Ryvita Crispbread have always been a versatile product. You could top them with anything from Nutella to smoked salmon or caviar, but now that they have so many different varieties available, they offer even more possibilities. The kids - whose new favourite snack is Ryvita topped with peanut butter, chocolate spread and banana ! Who ever said Ryvita was necessarily diet food ?! - have already asked if we can buy some more and I really want to try out the Thins and the Minis. If, like me, you're convinced you don't really like Ryvita, you really should give them a try because they have really evolved and improved in the taste stakes.

star rating : 4/5

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