Saturday 23 October 2010

Lavera Strawberry/Raspberry Kids' Tooth Gel

Toothbrushing has never been so much fun in our house ! The girls both absolutely loved the fabulous new Firefly toothbrushes that we received (that I'll be reviewing in a minute) but, to be honest, however fun and funky the brushes are, if they don't like what you squeeze on to them, they'll still complain. Kids often whinge about toothpaste, even if they are using a special kid-friendly one - sometimes they don't like the taste or it stings their tongue or it feels yucky in their mouth. Funnily enough, nobody said a word about the Lavera tooth gel - except for "Mum, can I brush my teeth again ?" ! No complaints there then, from them or me !

I must say, it does taste nice (because I had a little taste just to see !). It is strawberry/raspberry flavour but it actually tastes authentic rather than obviously artificial. I had a look at the ingredients list and it all looks surprising natural and reassuring. It contains natural fruit flavours, essences of melissa and calendula to maintain the biological balance inside your mouth and natural silicic acid cleaning particles to remove plaque.

What it doesn't contain is foaming agents, because children tend to swallow as much toothpaste as they spit out, and fluoride. I must admit, I'm still dubious about using non-fluoride toothpaste but when I reviewed some fluoride-free aloe vera tooth gel, I did my research and was reassured that in America they consider fluoride to be a poison and that tap water covers your fluoride needs anyway. The So Organic website sheds some light on the debate : "Fluoride is another concern for many parents, and a difficult decision since although good for strengthening teeth, it is associated with health problems. Fluoride's benefits come from topical contact with teeth, but the risks it poses to health come from being swallowed. Since a lot of children's toothpaste is swallowed, we feel it best to leave it out of natural baby toothpaste."

Lavera also point out that "the tooth gel provides specially adapted dental care for children under homeopathic treatment, since the formula is free from ingredients which could interfere during treatment". I wouldn't have thought about that but it's handy to know.

The best thing about this tooth gel is the fact that 5-year-old Juliette no longer needs any nagging at all for her to brush her teeth, helping me save a few precious minutes in the morning and at bedtime and for that alone, it would get top marks ! The delicious taste and the chemical nasty-free formula are other huge plus points.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.75 for 75ml

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  1. I'll be on the lookout for this one as it isn't overpriced and it's a flavour missy likes


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